The king’s speech

The movie about king George VI talks about the traumas and prejudices we can have; no matter who we are, we all have fears and ideas that are not always true. That is what we call “the impostor syndrome”; the idea that we aren’t prepared for what we are doing or the responsibilities we areContinue reading “The king’s speech”

The joker in all of us

In a world where everywhere you look is filled with bad news, trying to keep a happy face seems worthless; nobody seems to appreciate what we do, our efforts to keep on going and making our life happy. Therefore, we get tired of waiting, we want to be acknowledged for those little details that weContinue reading “The joker in all of us”

The new superhero

Nowadays we are facing a universal problem; it is something that concerns every country, population and human in the world: the environment. The new scientific wave, ideology, beliefs and actions are now focused on the same problem affecting everyone: climate crisis. New technologies and enterprises have invested in the idea of preserving the environment, toContinue reading “The new superhero”

TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love

The movie Toy Story and its sequels have been showing the world the importance of love, the 3 kinds of love that exists. These loves were studied by Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, the Roman philosopher Seneca, the philosophers of the middle ages Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  The first one is the loveContinue reading “TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love”

Stand up

Whenever we face a difficulty: crisis, injustice, violence, war, etc., any situation that demands to make a difference, we must know we have the moral duty to put our character to the test. Who we are and where we come from, we must never forget where we are going. No matter what situation we face,Continue reading “Stand up”


La película trata sobre un mundo perfecto o por decirlo de otra mejor manera: un mundo donde se basan en todo lo evidente y en lo que existe para hablar, es decir, dicen la verdad absolutamente, sobre todo. Son conscientes de que dicen TODO, sino que así es su naturaleza, se sienten obligados a decirContinue reading “INCREÍBLE PERO FALSO”

Courage and kindness

Nowadays there is a need to survive in a world filled with information, narcisism, egotism and technology; there is not much to be innocent in this way of living. There is no place to be ourselves if everyone is making up a life that we don’t really have. We spend money and time capturing idealsContinue reading “Courage and kindness”


What humans can change are many things, from different matter to whatever kind of thought; we can alter the world and universe. We have been doing it for years. However, we cannot change ourselves because we can not stop being who we are to become another; we are what we are. We can only getContinue reading “Venom”

Why we lie?

Why do we lie? Is there a need for lying? We know that the truth will liberate us, and set us free from what is wrong, from what it isn’t. If we are naturally inclined to pursue the truth, then why do we feel the need to lie? Reality seems to be so unbearable thatContinue reading “Why we lie?”

The Truth about The Grinch

Dr Seuss talks about the frenzy of people during Christmas when they lose themselves in superfluous things as shopping, fashion, consumerism that prevents us from getting the true sense of the holidays. People become anxious and less caring for others. Everything becomes a competition of who bought the best gift, decorated their houses the most beautiful andContinue reading “The Truth about The Grinch”