TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love

The movie Toy Story and its sequels have been showing the world the importance of love, the 3 kinds of love that exists. These loves were studied by Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, the Roman philosopher Seneca, the philosophers of the middle ages Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas. 

The first one is the love of attraction, a physical love that attracts us to be with the ones we like for what they look like and what they think like, for example, Woody and Bop, and when the other toys meet their same species opposite-sex partner: potato face, dinosaurs, forky, etc.

The second love is the love of debt, a utilitarian love that has something in common: time spent, ideas in common or the love between parents and children, or in this case: the love the toys give to their child is far greater than the love the child gives his/her toys. This kind of love is unequal because someone loves more, and this dedication is because the other needs it more: like Andy and Bonnie. 

The third love and the most important one is friendship. This love keeps on giving the other what is good for them, we may think about the friendship between Woody and Buzz, but it is more like the love between Woody and Bop, that no matter where, when or how they are always thinking about the good of each other.

But there is a fourth love that exists: charity and is not about giving money but to do good things for others not because it is good but because there is something far greater that unites us: well being. And that is that no matter who is the owner, most of the toys are made for entertaining the children. They don’t need an owner to be faithful, as long as they are where a kid needs them, a toy will fulfill its dream and their purpose: to make the children feel love to make a better world.

2 thoughts on “TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love

  1. After watching the complete saga of toy story. I can say that the mission of transmitting messages of love was fulfilled. also values ​​and virtues throughout the four movies.The way to transmit this through toys was an excellent idea, because it is adaptable to all ages and understandable according to the ideas of each person.- Jesus Morelos


  2. Estoy de acuerdo con los tipos de amor mencionados en el artículo, me hacen relacionarlos con la clase en el tema de los tipos de bien. Por ejemplo el segundo tipo de amor que menciona el artículo que habla sobre el amor utilitario, uno ama mas que el otro por disfrutar de la compañía, el tiempo compartido, entre otros… Ahora para conectarlo con el tipo de bien visto en clase podría decir que se relaciona mucho con el tipo de bien que es el agrado.


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