TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love

The movie Toy Story and its sequels have been showing the world the importance of love, the 3 kinds of love that exists. These loves were studied by Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, the Roman philosopher Seneca, the philosophers of the middle ages Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  The first one is the love […]

Power is not in the weapon

Nowadays there are so many news about violence, danger and tragedy. We lack security and peace in our society. That is why people go around carrying weapons to feel safe and able to defend themselves provided danger comes. Carrying a gun has 2 effects: The idea of feeling safe just because we have an advantage over […]

Stand up

Whenever we face a difficulty: crisis, injustice, violence, war, etc., any situation that demands to make a difference, we must know we have the moral duty to put our character to the test. Who we are and where we come from, we must never forget where we are going. No matter what situation we face, […]

Courage and kindness

Nowadays there is a need to survive in a world filled with information, narcisism, egotism and technology; there is not much to be innocent in this way of living. There is no place to be ourselves if everyone is making up a life that we don’t really have. We spend money and time capturing ideals […]

We all know love is the answer; then why is it so hard to live by it?

There are many things in life that remind us of the constant love we receive and the love we do not give. Valentines’s day, Christmas and New Year’s eve are festivities that always reminds us what we all need: LOVE. People giving speeches, social activists, teachers, gurus, mentors, everyone concludes that we all need love […]


What humans can change are many things, from different matter to whatever kind of thought; we can alter the world and universe. We have been doing it for years. However, we cannot change ourselves because we can not stop being who we are to become another; we are what we are. We can only get […]

Satisfaction comes from within

There are many things we do in life; many of them we don’t like to do them nor do we see the point in doing them. Routine becomes worthless and avoiding it becomes the main idea in our day to day. Sometimes we think we need or we must do it to make things work […]

Bullying made me who I am

Since I was little I have suffered from bullying. 6 years of my life from 6 years to 12 years of age I grew thinking I wasn’t useful because everybody seemed to be annoyed by my presence. Death was a solution if I was such a burden and an obstacle for others, perhaps I was not […]