Courage and kindness

Nowadays there is a need to survive in a world filled with information, narcisism, egotism and technology; there is not much to be innocent in this way of living. There is no place to be ourselves if everyone is making up a life that we don’t really have. We spend money and time capturing ideals instead of enjoying reality as it is. We live for the views and the likes, and altough we know it is not what matters, the feeling it gives us is real and addictive.

Life is hard; that is no news. There are people that strive for power at all costs and to get it they stomp on others’ heads to get what they think they want: money. In a shallow world, it gives us power and friends, but when we run out of it, the rest is gone too. Most people live wondering about what they would do with money, we may lie to ourselves believing that we would find true love and friends that care for us. However, when we realize what we have right here and now, we will enjoy the little things, what we can, and  we will not desire what we lack. 

The main things we need to survive in life are these 2 virtues that make us grand in life. Courage to stand up for what we believe in, what we want in life, to fight for it and cherish what we hold dear. Kindness to accept others for who they are and what they can do for us with a ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’. Being kind is not overrated; being kind is what the world needs to keep on spinning to make it better each day. 

Cinderella shows us that these 2 attitudes helps us make our surroundings better, safe and filled with love. When we forget who we are, these virtues vanish and leave us in a world filled with interest and lies that ends up hurting us.

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