Be brave

Bravery is a virtue we need to make the world keep spinning. To be brave is to acknowledge the danger around us and, accepting the fears we are dealing with, decide if it is worth it to act or not. To be brave we need to wonder what is happening, what I am feeling, whatContinue reading “Be brave”

To act alone is to make a mess, to act together is to build the future

There is an African saying that goes: “alone you get first, together we can go farther”, that is the idea of a society: to help each other to achieve much more together. That is why ancient civilizations were great because everyone added to the well being of others, instead of being alone in the survivalContinue reading “To act alone is to make a mess, to act together is to build the future”

What is stopping you?

There are many things in life that come to us as a challenge, obstacle, opportunities, people, power, money, etc. there is always someone or something that keeps us from achieving what we want or what we think we need at the moment. It is like some force in the universe, god or something making ourContinue reading “What is stopping you?”

Optimism is not positive

When something bad is going on, it is easier to focus on the negative. It is like we are able to see what is wrong instead of all the good things that are there. We tend to judge very harshly on the things that we don’t like or what doesn’t seem right and to obliterateContinue reading “Optimism is not positive”

TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love

The movie Toy Story and its sequels have been showing the world the importance of love, the 3 kinds of love that exists. These loves were studied by Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, the Roman philosopher Seneca, the philosophers of the middle ages Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  The first one is the loveContinue reading “TOY STORY 4 a celebration of love”

Stand up

Whenever we face a difficulty: crisis, injustice, violence, war, etc., any situation that demands to make a difference, we must know we have the moral duty to put our character to the test. Who we are and where we come from, we must never forget where we are going. No matter what situation we face,Continue reading “Stand up”

Not my fault

There are many things that happen around us; some of them are good or bad, but we are all affected by them. We can’t control what is happening around us but we all have a shared responsibility for how we react and what we do after things happen. I mean, whatever happens, we can controlContinue reading “Not my fault”

Ignorance is bliss

Life just happens. If we are able to see that then our worries seem to fade away. When we try to find meaning and a significance to everything that happens to us, we are doomed to be miserable. When we try to explain every little detail that life has, we lie to ourselves trying toContinue reading “Ignorance is bliss”

Never too late

What you want to do, do it now, do it fast. The uncertanty that comes when we are not fast enough kills the impulse we have to do things, to make things happen. Time is in our hands and with it we can change the future and amend the past with the things we doContinue reading “Never too late”

Rocking Alexander the Great

Music has always made us feel emotions. Artists express their emotions through music to communicate through space and time and reach new generations with the same feeling. Some experiences have been enriched by a song and many of them have inspired us to change our minds, feel good about ourselves or just make us dance like nobody isContinue reading “Rocking Alexander the Great”