The joker in all of us

In a world where everywhere you look is filled with bad news, trying to keep a happy face seems worthless; nobody seems to appreciate what we do, our efforts to keep on going and making our life happy. Therefore, we get tired of waiting, we want to be acknowledged for those little details that weContinue reading “The joker in all of us”

Power is not in the weapon

Nowadays there are so many news about violence, danger and tragedy. We lack security and peace in our society. That is why people go around carrying weapons to feel safe and able to defend themselves provided danger comes. Carrying a gun has 2 effects: The idea of feeling safe just because we have an advantage overContinue reading “Power is not in the weapon”

What is fair?

This past weekend the controversial tennis game at the finals in the US Open was disputed between 2 women: the rookie Osaka and the veteran Serena Williams. The championship took us by surprise by the great game in which the Japanese beat the American tennis champion, in the sets 6-6 to 2-4. Osaka played so well that she defeated theContinue reading “What is fair?”

Childlish gambino

The music video and lyrics of the song that is becoming viral: Childlish gambino talks about the reality we are living in mass media and popular culture where songs are more and more focused on sex, apparently uncapable of addressing other topics such as violence, money and power. Those distractions are becoming more and more annoyingContinue reading “Childlish gambino”

The Scapegoat games

The Hunger Games saga is one of the most famous books and movies that made us think about the future of politics, society, and economics that may come. It’s the result of a post-apocalyptic world where nations unite to defend themselves from a dangerous past, and the way to avoid it is through a yearly ritual that remindsContinue reading “The Scapegoat games”

Wakanda comes first

In a world divided by political, economical, ideological and religious belifs we tend to segregate who we are and what we need to survive. It is in the inclusion of each culture that we find, what makes us stronger. Helping others doesn’t mean we need to surrender to them. By sharing strengths we have peaceContinue reading “Wakanda comes first”

I’m sorry

One of the hardest words we can pronounce in any languaje is “SORRY”. Saying it challenges us to accept something we may not like, or we can’t imagine its consequences. There are many things we can obtain when we say sorry: have peace, be calm, enjoy life. When we forgive is not a free-pass we areContinue reading “I’m sorry”


“Hater” is a very popular word these days. The first time I heard the word, all that I was able to picture was a very angry person who despised everything and everyone around him/her. Now, every time I hear this widely used word, I think of miserable people whose job is not to love; peopleContinue reading “Haters”

Nerve is not passion

There are people that love to risk everything and others that prefere to play safe. That is what we call introverted and extroverted people. Some have nerves of steel which helps them to be foolish and have fun with adrenaline, but others are always afraid and never step out of their comfort zone. If a gameContinue reading “Nerve is not passion”