What is stopping you?

There are many things in life that come to us as a challenge, obstacle, opportunities, people, power, money, etc. there is always someone or something that keeps us from achieving what we want or what we think we need at the moment. It is like some force in the universe, god or something making ourContinue reading “What is stopping you?”


Nowadays there is too much noise. It seems that when there is silence is a sign of something wrong. Being silent is like an emptiness that we become afraid of whatever it may spill, or come as in darkness. Silence is the monster of modernity where there is a menace that might harm us.  SilenceContinue reading “Silence”

Life happens

There are many things in life that simply happen. It is not because of us, or because someone in the universe wants to make our lives miserable. Things tend to happen whether we are around or not. It doesn’t depend on us to be there testifying every moment; they just appear or disappear without ourContinue reading “Life happens”

Satisfaction comes from within

There are many things we do in life; many of them we don’t like to do them nor do we see the point in doing them. Routine becomes worthless and avoiding it becomes the main idea in our day to day. Sometimes we think we need or we must do it to make things workContinue reading “Satisfaction comes from within”

Social preassure

There is a human need to feel accepted; we like to be liked and feel the sense of belonging. Since childhood we struggle for recognition, to belong to a group we see fittest, and so we start searching for people we think we have things in common, and so we begin sharing our preferences, likes and things weContinue reading “Social preassure”

Love seen through 8 year-olds

What is love? That is a question that roams everyone’s life at a certain point. We may look for answers in every book known, or great thinkers, religions, traditions, cultures and each and everyone of them will have an opinion, a complex one. But when CAFE&co. decided to go on lurking into every type ofContinue reading “Love seen through 8 year-olds”


It is easy to hate, there is no apparent reason for that, but sometimes we feel hatred, but is it really hatred? Maybe it is something we don’t like, we aren’t keen to, or we find disgusting, or sometimes we feel impotent. But hatred? Since ancient times hate was conceived as Confucius said: “hate is like drinking poisonContinue reading “Hate”

Have a rich life

Everyone tells us what to do with our lives. Sometimes they seem so convinced to “help” us that they plan to impose on us what they believe, think or do. Instead of making us feel confortable or helping us to be better, we end up disappointed about our lives because we are not good enoughContinue reading “Have a rich life”

Humble, not poor

When we talk about humbleness we refer to being able to notice who we really are: what we are able to do and what we can’t. It’s being realistic about ourselves and being aware of the fact that the things that happen to us are not only because of us, but also because there is something, someone, anythingContinue reading “Humble, not poor”