What is fair?

This past weekend the controversial tennis game at the finals in the US Open was disputed between 2 women: the rookie Osaka and the veteran Serena Williams. The championship took us by surprise by the great game in which the Japanese beat the American tennis champion, in the sets 6-6 to 2-4. Osaka played so well that she defeated theContinue reading “What is fair?”


“Hater” is a very popular word these days. The first time I heard the word, all that I was able to picture was a very angry person who despised everything and everyone around him/her. Now, every time I hear this widely used word, I think of miserable people whose job is not to love; peopleContinue reading “Haters”

Don’t act sorry, say it

Sometimes when we are hurt or we hurt another, we are afraid to ask forgiveness for our mistakes as if that would make us weaker. Therefore, instead of accepting all responsability we act as if nothing happened. That’s what hurts the most; to pretend nothing is going on knowing we did something bad or hurtful toContinue reading “Don’t act sorry, say it”

Do we deserve or earn things?

There is a big difference between earning something and deserving it. The first one refers to something we have worked for and achieved it, like a reward or a punishment. The second one is for being who we are, we get things, because we gather the requirements, like having rights. Although we believe they are similar,Continue reading “Do we deserve or earn things?”

One and only anywhere, everywhere

People all around us anywhere we go show us a part of their lives: how they dress, act, and think; what they say; what they believe in with what they do. We too do this. Our habits are always showing who we truly are and that implies what our posture in life is. For example: if a personContinue reading “One and only anywhere, everywhere”

Where is integrity?

In the world we may find people that are simple or practical and some complex or confusing. These two kinds of people we meet are constantly showing us what the world is about; that we can see or think in a clear or dark light. Nowadays people are more stressed, less motivated and it is harder toContinue reading “Where is integrity?”

Not your body, your life

When we talk about freedom we tend to think that we can do whatever we want with what we have. The main issue here is that freedom is not doing what we want whenever we want, because we can’t. Our body is determined by physics and chemestry; how we react to things we are exposed; ourContinue reading “Not your body, your life”

Stop adding subtitles

A lot of things happen in our lives, many of which simply happen and others that we expect to come. Life goes on. it is in constant movement and keeps on moving without our participation in it. As a matter of controlling what is going on around us, we tend to explain or make possitiveContinue reading “Stop adding subtitles”

Please, fail

We live in a world where people think that being happy is to get everything right. I’ll explain, we believe that being happy or having a fulfilled life is to be succesful, getting everything you have worked for, so young people and the next generation have a lot to bear, not only to be happy,Continue reading “Please, fail”