Great minds think alike

There is a common saying that people who study and observe reality are more likely to think the same things. But is there telepathy? Or is it more like by studying the same things no matter what perspective we have the things we are looking at are the same?  Perhaps there is no cosmic planContinue reading “Great minds think alike”

The ridiculous generation

Technology is thriving. There are more ways to be comfortable, get things done. Speed is more important and the way we live is faster and easier. There is almost nothing technology can not solve and fast; and our lives have become simpler and mostly inactive. Social media has taken control of the way we see life; it isContinue reading “The ridiculous generation”

Social preassure

There is a human need to feel accepted; we like to be liked and feel the sense of belonging. Since childhood we struggle for recognition, to belong to a group we see fittest, and so we start searching for people we think we have things in common, and so we begin sharing our preferences, likes and things weContinue reading “Social preassure”