Surf life

A surfer life is all about enjoying the ride, is about seeing yourself against Nature and realizing it is impossible to control what is coming. Every new wave is a challenge to our capacity, but we don’t run from it, but face the impossible using a surfboard so we can be able to ride theContinue reading “Surf life”

What it takes…

Being a leader is having the ability to acknowledge the small details and make them work, so society can move forward and be better. A leader needs a team effort because in this quest to improve he or she needs the different abilities and capacities that everyone can offer. As Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox, agrees:Continue reading “What it takes…”

Do you know who I am?

When people ask that, it is not a question of their existence nor to find their identity, but to make you realize that he is someone that you must respect. It is like a demand and a complaint of our lack of care, so we can treat them better or so they show they haveContinue reading “Do you know who I am?”

To act alone is to make a mess, to act together is to build the future

There is an African saying that goes: “alone you get first, together we can go farther”, that is the idea of a society: to help each other to achieve much more together. That is why ancient civilizations were great because everyone added to the well being of others, instead of being alone in the survivalContinue reading “To act alone is to make a mess, to act together is to build the future”

Great minds think alike

There is a common saying that people who study and observe reality are more likely to think the same things. But is there telepathy? Or is it more like by studying the same things no matter what perspective we have the things we are looking at are the same?  Perhaps there is no cosmic planContinue reading “Great minds think alike”

Life happens

There are many things in life that simply happen. It is not because of us, or because someone in the universe wants to make our lives miserable. Things tend to happen whether we are around or not. It doesn’t depend on us to be there testifying every moment, they just appear or disappear without ourContinue reading “Life happens”


Nowadays there is too much noise. It seems that when there is silence is a sign of something wrong. Being silent is like an emptiness that we become afraid of whatever it may spill, or come as in darkness. Silence is the monster of modernity where there is a menace that might harm us.  SilenceContinue reading “Silence”

Who gets the blame?

There is something happening in the world, good or bad, it can affect us in the most positive way as it can be negative. We all are capable of doing things and making a difference for good or bad to others. With the decisions we make and the actions we do, there is always someoneContinue reading “Who gets the blame?”

Being against immigration is an act of racism?

The immigration problem is all over the world. Since we are now globalized, we can enjoy the perks of having friends all over the world and get in touch with so many people and opportunities to learn a new language, find a job anywhere, do something new every day. We are now citizens of theContinue reading “Being against immigration is an act of racism?”

Not my fault

There are many things that happen around us; some of them are good or bad, but we are all affected by them. We can’t control what is happening around us but we all have a shared responsibility for how we react and what we do after things happen. I mean, whatever happens, we can controlContinue reading “Not my fault”