It’s not you

When we study emotions we learn that they are a response of how the environment affects us. It is the internal response of what is happening around us. When someone yells, we respond to that yell even if we are not the ones being yelled at. Emotions tell us more about ourselves than of theContinue reading “It’s not you”

Not my fault

There are many things that happen around us; some of them are good or bad, but we are all affected by them. We can’t control what is happening around us but we all have a shared responsibility for how we react and what we do after things happen. I mean, whatever happens, we can controlContinue reading “Not my fault”

Satisfaction comes from within

There are many things we do in life; many of them we don’t like to do them nor do we see the point in doing them. Routine becomes worthless and avoiding it becomes the main idea in our day to day. Sometimes we think we need or we must do it to make things workContinue reading “Satisfaction comes from within”

Keep it proportionate

Being on a relationship is an art, no matter what kind it is: professional, personal, social, etc. All those have something in common: contact. What we do affects others and then we suffer the consequences: we get mad, anxious, insecure, lost, etc. The main problem is how we react to the things around us andContinue reading “Keep it proportionate”

When ignorance becomes the guide

At certain stages in life we face problems, situations or perhaps an accident that threaten our lives. To decide who lives and dies is a natural decision of “the strongest”. Nowadays we face new technologies that make our lives better, save us from inminent death or make our lives easier.  We have known Charlie Gard’sContinue reading “When ignorance becomes the guide”

Los zombies llegan a la oficina

Cuando los zombies llegan a la oficina con sus actos indiferentes y su ineficiencia en el trabajo, podemos darnos cuenta de que lo que se está desarrollando es una historia de terror.  El día comienza como el inicio de la peor historia de terror: en lunes. Sea la hora que sea, el día comienza cinContinue reading “Los zombies llegan a la oficina”

Rescatemos el amor

Hemos perdido el amor, se nos fue por una coladera o lo intercambiamos en la tienda. Creemos que podemos amar lo que no debemos, para entregarnos sin remordimiento y sin un reclamo de por medio. Lo queremos express y sin explicaciones lo tiramos.  Confundimos un like por un te quiero, un me gustas por unContinue reading “Rescatemos el amor”

All you need is time… Lucy: a mind problem

Human capacity is amazing; however, people are more preocupied to have than to know, and we do not fully use but a 10% of our brain. If we compare it to other animals, we can see that dolphins, for instance, use 20% of their capacity to survive. A new drug manipulated by technology can takeContinue reading “All you need is time… Lucy: a mind problem”