Be the gift

This time of the year we tend to reflect what we have done in the last 364 days and we face ourselves with the expectations we made at the beginning of the year. We may think we failed and we have if we keep on insisting year after year on the same thing. We needContinue reading “Be the gift”

I feel pretty

Perhaps our bodies or looks don’t match the popular faces and model bodies trying to sell us things to be or pretend to be successful. All those ideas end up messing up our heads, but the worth of a $50 dolar paper doesn’t change even if we wrinkle it, step on it, etc. Our worthContinue reading “I feel pretty”

You are worth it

Sometimes in life we feel like there is nothing else to fight for, that we are wasting time, that we don’t deserve what we have or we don’t value who we are. The world is collapsing around us, people are fighting wars, poverty and sickness, and we are still here without those problems. Our mainContinue reading “You are worth it”

Mexico can do it

Mexico is a rich country from its tradition to its people there is a variety of things and food that makes it great. From its history to its beliefs there is always someone to smile, to have a passion and dedication to make it in life. There is nothing as finding time to be withContinue reading “Mexico can do it”

Keep it proportionate

Being on a relationship is an art, no matter what kind it is: professional, personal, social, etc. All those have something in common: contact. What we do affects others and then we suffer the consequences: we get mad, anxious, insecure, lost, etc. The main problem is how we react to the things around us andContinue reading “Keep it proportionate”

Midas curse

Ancient Greeks used to educate their kids with myths, magical or realistc stories, to show them virtues, actions and ideas so they could live in a world where they needed to survive. We can still apply all those myths to our lives. All myths have a lesson: in this case the ambition of the king led him toContinue reading “Midas curse”

Good-bye Dolores

We live in a world filled with information, activities, problems, crisis, events that make us look down. And then we lose perspective of what is around us. So a lot of bad news are floating around us and we are less and less capable to react to them. It is like we’ve switched off our capacityContinue reading “Good-bye Dolores”

Get inspired…

Every new year we all want to be better, but things around us seems to be always keeping us from getting what we want. There are always excuses not to do it, or we just say it wasn’t our time to do it; we can make up a million excuses. Many times we all wantContinue reading “Get inspired…”