A granted life

Is our life granted? Do we have any guarantee that we will keep on living? Are we going to continue living the way we have been living? Are we exempt from a change of life? Those questions make us realize that there is no precise answer; we can’t know for sure because we cannot control what willContinue reading “A granted life”

What the future holds

Humankind is keen on knowing things and with this knowledge controlling the universe. The more we know, the more we see we can bend reality to our own satisfaction, necessities and skills. Knowledge gives us the power to do more things, and as we know we can do more, we realize there is much moreContinue reading “What the future holds”

What’s done is done

Time is a mystery, if someone asks us about it, we cannot answer in a simple way. Time is composed of 3 parts: past, present, future. The past is gone, therefore it doesn’t exist. The future is not here yet, therefore it doesn’t exist. The only thing that really exist is the present. It is what weContinue reading “What’s done is done”

Why me?

The recent disasters we have to bear have made us wonder what we did to deserve such things. Anger, frustration, sorrow, or pain rise from the impotence of wanting to make things better, of changing the last moments before everything happened, of having wasted so much time and not appreciating what we have. All thoseContinue reading “Why me?”

Please, fail

We live in a world where people think that being happy is to get everything right. I’ll explain, we believe that being happy or having a fulfilled life is to be succesful, getting everything you have worked for, so young people and the next generation have a lot to bear, not only to be happy,Continue reading “Please, fail”

Shhhh… listen

In a world filled with information, music, ideas, and movement noise is almost unbearable. If the government is good or bad, if society is losing its moral values, if people are caring less, if our neighbor criticizes us, if our friends turn their backs on us, etc. There are too many ifs like we areContinue reading “Shhhh… listen”

All you need is time… Lucy: a mind problem

Human capacity is amazing; however, people are more preocupied to have than to know, and we do not fully use but a 10% of our brain. If we compare it to other animals, we can see that dolphins, for instance, use 20% of their capacity to survive. A new drug manipulated by technology can takeContinue reading “All you need is time… Lucy: a mind problem”

Forgive to be present

The movie The shack talks about a girl who is abducted while being in vacation with her family. The father is distracted by his elder children when his little girl is taken away from him into the forest. Time passes and we see how the family has fallen apart and the only thing keeping themContinue reading “Forgive to be present”