OG complex

The story of “The phantom of the opera” written by Gaston Leroux is mostly known by the musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In the Opera in Paris there seems to be a Ghost that threatens the security and well being of all the people living at the building and the feverish spectators who attendContinue reading “OG complex”

Be brave

Bravery is a virtue we need to make the world keep spinning. To be brave is to acknowledge the danger around us and, accepting the fears we are dealing with, decide if it is worth it to act or not. To be brave we need to wonder what is happening, what I am feeling, whatContinue reading “Be brave”

Death and other fears

What would happen if you knew you would die? One of humanity’s fear is the time of death, even when we speak of it the air seems different, our lives begin to weigh an unusual amount. But what’s the problem with death? We know everything perishes, that life has a cycle: after we are born,Continue reading “Death and other fears”

Fear feeds corruption

Talking to my good friend Wade Alley about the lack of creativity we are seeing in our workfields, we realized that part of society’s problems is based on fear. Fear of decision, action and facing reality; I mean, for example: I’ve heard of people not living at all because they are afraid of doing things.Continue reading “Fear feeds corruption”