Sin tiempo

El tiempo es un gobernante implacable, pasa sin prisa y sin detenerse, no le importa nada ni nadie ya que parece que no depende de nosotros sino de sí mismo: marcha a su paso sin perder el ritmo. Nuestra vida parece depender de su paso por los que debemos apurarnos para que no nos pise […]

Is need bad?

What do we need? Do we really need many things? If we have all we need, then what is missing? Is it good to have it all? Can we have it all? In daily life, people mention that happiness means having everything they need, but now that they don’t have it all, aren’t they happy? […]

Stand up

Whenever we face a difficulty: crisis, injustice, violence, war, etc., any situation that demands to make a difference, we must know we have the moral duty to put our character to the test. Who we are and where we come from, we must never forget where we are going. No matter what situation we face, […]

“El fuego es brillante y limpio” F 451°

El fuego todo lo devora, hace que las cosas dejen de ser para convertirse en otras. Es lo que da la vida si se usa en justa medida, pero su defecto es mortal y su exceso también. Desde que el hombre está en la tierra ha logrado controlar este ser natural. El hombre ha dominado […]

¿Todo líder mejora?

Muchas veces podemos encontrarnos con modelos positivos que nos llevan a mejorar nuestra vida al revelarnos detalles que no nos habíamos fijado, desde mejorar nuestro entorno físico (limpieza) hasta mejorar nuestra vida. Sin embargo, también hay quiénes encuentran en los pequeños detalles una ventaja para manipular a los otros, por lo que terminan en el […]

Let yourself go

Life has many things to offer: health, money, power, fame, love, etc., but the most important of all of those things is how we respond to what has been thrust upon us. It is almost impossible not to take everything that happens to us, personal. Buddhism encourages to let go of ourselves to live and […]

Head in the game

“Life is a game”. That is how we define our situation; the present one when we are facing trouble or a problem. The book “Inner game” talks about the emotional game we are in when life gets a little bit more personal. We may be facing real trouble or a state of mind that is […]

Courage and kindness

Nowadays there is a need to survive in a world filled with information, narcisism, egotism and technology; there is not much to be innocent in this way of living. There is no place to be ourselves if everyone is making up a life that we don’t really have. We spend money and time capturing ideals […]

Black mirror and Huxley

The book “A wonderful world” shows us the future based on the principles that society thinks or is taught to think about life, happiness, truth and lifestyle. We are determined by the environment but also by the ideologies that are around us. Each difference shows us what separates us instead of enriching us and seeking […]

Before getting hurt, ask

Nowadays there are many problems around us when pointing out the differences between ideologies up to the point that it is really hard to follow up on the slang or language that we need to use to avoid being racists or to avoid hurting people around us. It is hard to talk without hurting others by […]