Safe distance

Many of the problems we are in, are because of the pressure we feel to act fast. We think that to be wise we need to know all the answers. When wise people are those who can know the right question.

Nowadays we feel the need to act fast, to answer by impulse, like prey to our own passions. That is the problem with the world, we listen to answer instead to understand what is happening. What is the true meaning of what happens.

There is a roman saying that prays: let me hurry by going slow. If we are going to act, we need to be sure that is the best way, not the fastest. The fast way is no the best way. There are many other ways, but the correct one can only be found by thought.

Stop being prey of tour passions and begin living with your head. 


When we are thinking about aour problems, we may fall into a personal abyss. If we don’t lean back to get perspective, we may certainly be stuck with the problem in more ways than one. 

The fact is that when we are in the middle of the storm we can’t look as clear as we are supposed to. 

That is why gaining perspective is the best way to see the whole picture. As we let go of our feelings and thought to clear our minds so we can understand better. To give time to accept the facts or to dismiss them as we see fit. To aknowledge what we feel and accept those feelings will help us to put them behind so we can see the real problem. 

Stoics help us to understand what we feel so we can control the situations. Many times we act by impulse and we end up regretting our resolution. To accept what happens in our selves help us to see in perspective. 


I believe that the necessity of young people or millennials in the working environment is that they want to work based on innovation, originality, and independence thanks to all technology and the fast way of life in which they are immersed. There are new needs and jobs that demand such attitudes, by which millennials can become useful, but those jobs need not only the efficiency, but also the commitment. And that idea can become a turning point for young people to think over the job proposition. Yes, we are going fast and technology is taking us further, but to make great enterprises we still need people committed to do their job and become more specialized in it. There is talent, young and eager talent to explore and innovate in established enterprises, but there is also need to open our minds to let innovation improve old ideas to reach younger people to commit by making adequate jobs for their development and to guarantee their growth and personality.

The others are not the problem

So many things happen around us that take us by surprise, off guard, or we simply didn’t expect them. Our attitude towards those things tend to take blame or to make someone pay for those mistakes, when in fact, there is mo one else to blame at all, or yourself.

As days, hours, minutes, seconds unfold, the things we react to we barely notice. But that doesn’t mean those never happened.

If someone is angry at us, the first thing we do is to be defensive. We don’t like to be blamed. So instead of firing back, take a minute and realize we cannot be aware of everything we feel. Be wise and aknowledge what the other feels so you can ask for forgiveness of those things that passes us by.

The story of Jimmy and the future

Jimmy wasn’t prepared for what could come next, he barely knew what to do with his life but to face such a threat and carry the guilt of taking or ruining someone else’s life, wasn’t his idea. He had to make decisions and his choices were limited; time was running out. What could he do? Any action would affect the others’ lives, not only his and that could mean his future would be changed forever.

Time was passing by and it also carried more consequences, he had to decide what to do then. Many fears may come and freeze his actions, but any slip may cost too much. He was only of age, he couldn’t be guilty for all the consequences, or could he?

All Jimmy wanted was to be acknowledged by others, but not for doing what he was about to do, not like that. He felt his body shacking, his forehead burned and his hands were cold. A burning sensation came on to him at the back and he felt a heat like never before, he had just passed out! Why? He was ready to act, but it was too late, he was going to die without any purpose, he wasn’t going to be able to repair the damage, nor to apologize or say goodbye to his loved ones. He was meant to die alone and be forgotten; no one would remember him. As these thoughts came to Jimmy’s mind, he felt a void slowly eating him into oblivion.

That moment was to change everyone’s life and his. But he was not prepared for it, not like this. Life passed by in front of his eyes, he had not done anything, not even something worth to be remembered but his incoherence in past years; he was about to change, to do well. All his ideals left his mind, he couldn’t believe what a waste of life… Then a void started to invade his mind, loneliness filled his heart and he felt useless, he would pass to history unknown. What a waste of a life, of air and space; he had been given a chance to live.

Suddenly he heard his name, a voice far away was calling him… What is it? That voice, so stressed calling from afar.