Love is worth it

In Plato’s The Symposium love -eros- is defined as a life fulfilment. We can also appreciate it in “Socrates’s Apology”, given the constant search of what we do not have. The search for Truth, by love is a constant search throughout a man’s life. Socrates defend the Truth by loving it as his ultimate life’s perfection.
A life worth living cannot be a liberation from the body, as Plato said. But to achieve truth by love as a lack of perfection and its constant search for it. We are not at peace with ourselves, because we are constantly seeking for hat we don’t have, and that is what love is. As Socrates states in the Symposyum:
“”What then is Love?”… He is by nature neither mortal nor immortal, but alive and flourishing at one moment when he is in plenty, and dead at another moment, and again alive by reason of his father’s nature. But that which is always flowing in is always flowing out, and so he is never in want and never in wealth; and, further, he is in a mean between ignorance and knowledge… Such, my dear Socrates, is the nature of the spirit Love. The error in your conception of him was very natural, and as I imagine from what you say, has arisen out of a confusion of love and the beloved, which made you think that love was all beautiful. For the beloved is the truly beautiful, and delicate, and perfect, and blessed; but the principle of love is of another nature, and is such as I have described.”” (Symposium 201d- 207b)
Now, once man realize that by eros’s myth, and the lack of something and the necessity to reach it. We find perfection and freedom from the body. He will only achieve his purpose based on the constant search for truth. Not by knowing everything there is, but by loving what he knows and what he doesn’t.
Socrates’s idea of the truth was fulfilled with eros. An exampe of it, is his death as imminent and unjust. He became conscious of his action and by loving the truth he couldn’t contradict himself. Then he found that his life has been worth living, not by possessing the Truth, but by loving it.  That is what death is about, to transcend by loving the truth.
“Human beings as an unhappy mix of two relatively independent things: mind and body[1]. The mind is by far the more important and nourished by theoretical occupations, and the body is dealt with in the practical or political realm. If the statesman has a knowledge, then it would be analogous to a shoemaker’s or doctor’s, for his business, like theirs, is to provide for the body’s needs. The statesman could only be an expert, therefore, in providing certain services for the body, all of which are indeed necessary because we have bodies, but none of which is relevant to the higher pursuits of the life of the mind… The youth has no notion of what an art or science would be that commands over and cares for ensouled things. For a mathematician, having a soul or being alive means simply being an animal and thus having a body.[2]
So when Buber says I-Thou, the relation that he has is between a conflict of what he is and what he gives to other. For men are not to be for themselves, but to be for others, that is what love means, not to own, but to give others what we are. There is a duality in ourselves, because we are not happy until we are given to others; not as an object but as a valuable being. As Kant says: “treat others not as means, but as an end”.
[1] Aristotle in the Metaphysics (Z, ll,1036b25)
[2] Scott R. Hemmenway. Pedagogy in the Myth of Plato’s “Statesman:” Body and Soul in Relation to Philosophy and Politics. History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 11, No. 3 (Jul., 1994), pp. 253-268 University of Illinois Press on behalf of North American Philosophical Publications. URL: 27/05/2014 15:42

The women on Hidden figures

The movie Hidden Figures is about three women that stood up for their rights through their capability to change the way the world views life: sending a man to outer space. This movie shows us a reality of women through 1935. The fight against segregation, and the social and civil rights of every woman in the country. It may seem that the movie talks about a racial profile, when we may be missing the point; it is about women fighting for their rights and stepping up in the study of exact mathematical sciences that are very much needed in the world, specially at NASA.
Karl Zielinski: Mary, a person with an engineer’s mind should be an engineer. You can’t be a computer the rest of your life. Mary Jackson: Mr. Zielinski, I’m a negro woman. I’m not gonna entertain the impossible. Karl Zielinski: And I’m a Polish Jew whose parents died in a Nazi prison camp. Now I’m standing beneath a spaceship that’s going to carry an astronaut to the stars. I think we can say we are living the impossible. Let me ask you, if you were a white male, would you wish to be an engineer? Mary Jackson: I wouldn’t have to. I’d already be one.
Women’s rights and segregation were fought for at the same time. NASA held women as assistants, secretaries and secondary help in the great enterprise of sending a man to space and back. This step in humankind united all kinds of people with all their talents to make the impossible, possible. To reach for the stars is a dream they conquered. At that time it was something crazy, literally, out of this world. When the world gathers without disctinction, we are able to achive so much more in the meaning of life, than when we are all alone.
Colonel Jim Johnson: They let women handle that sort of… Colonel Jim Johnson: [sees Katherine looking offended] That’s not what I mean. Katherine Johnson: What do you mean? Colonel Jim Johnson: I’m just surprised at something so taxing. Katherine Johnson: Oh Mr. Johnson, if I were you, I’d quit talking right now. Colonel Jim Johnson: I don’t mean no disrespect. Katherine Johnson: I will have you know, I was the first negro female student at West Virginia university graduate school. On any given day, I analyze the binomial levels air displacement, friction and velocity. And compute over ten thousand calculations by cosine, square root and lately analytic geometry. By hand. There are twenty, bright, highly capable negro women in the west computing group, and we’re proud to be doing our part for the country. So yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr. Johnson. And it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses. Have a good day.
Ignorant people discriminate really easily as they just sit and stare at the world sentencing what happens in front of them without caring to know the truth. They are the judges of the world without it. They don’t mind what is happening and what is true; they reject everything without a reason; they consume the world we care and complicate life. If all human beings are capable to know the truth and know what is good, why do you consider yourself better than me? Why do we fight to impose our ideas on others if we aren’t capable of accepting them? Who said we were better than others? It’s illogical to make a sentence just for being who you are. Men and women share the same rights not because the law lets us, but because we are equal for being human and capable to trascend in time with our actions. We are called for greater actions, why fight for something that is futile?

Maybe communism won…

As Ana Halpine says in her essay, “They were not movements which were motivated politically; rather, they were motivated in order to begin to reclaim their dignity as individuals living for and within the truth… as the result of many small efforts of individual people who decided each and every day to live the truth in themselves and to live that truth in the world around them.” It is of great importance to rename everyday-life heroes, the people that are willing to make a stand of what they believe, not because of any regime, social or political agenda, but by what they make in their everyday life to find solutions to the problems surrounding them. To protect life knowing that it is the most precious value we have in the world and to give that life a meaning through existence by defying their constant situation they face everyday. People make history not by following what others tell them what to do, but by standing up with values, universal values, that remind the rest of the world what are the human rights, Pope John Paul II, Frankl, Maritain, Paderewski, and Shostakovitch have made great claims that are being made not only about who the human person but on the relationship to the kind of societies we build, even if they need to risk their own lives by telling the truth. “The achievements of the resistance movements remain a sure guide and inspiration for us. These movements understood the power of truth; the power of culture; and the power of working together for a common aim. The leadership of these movements confronted reality, shared their vision with the people and trusted that the force of their vision, grounded in the reality of truth, would sustain them in adversity and ultimately free them from the lies enmeshed in the culture.”

Maybe Communism didn’t win the political and social regime, but maybe, just maybe won many of the ideas that are being spread in the youth, with all of the relativist dictatorship and the tsunami of tolerance, most of the world’s values are being tested… “On a global scale the dignity of the person is being threatened in real ways. Human cloning, abortion, HIV/AIDS and the ways which we distribute foreign aid are all symptoms of a flawed understanding of the human person… What we are witnessing is a new cultural transformation among a generation of youth who are being inspired and equipped with the tools necessary to propose a clear vision of the person to the world.”

The WYA is a great element and a constant reminder of what the Human Rights are, but I believe that there is more to do within it. Not only being in the UN fighting or discussing human dignity to later spread it to the world, but by starting educating younger generations to be able to change their societies by changing their lives. By this I mean, to teach the youth how to live a coherent live within every culture, and one way to do it is by living the universal language of values and virtues to be able to respond to the transcendental: truth, good and beauty.

Peace doesn’t come with a gun

The world seems upside down, the ones who fight for peace comes with guns, and the violent ones with speeches. It appears that each and everyone of us is fighting a universal fight, we want the same things without unification. We don’t talk anymore, we just express ourselves in social media, but we are not willing to listen. We want to be heard and taken seriously but when someone does we can’t stand be corrected. 

The others are the problem. I know I am right

That is what comes to our mind when we are absorved in our problem and don’t care on the others. Everyone has a fight, we all live in the same world and injustice is the same for all. Each and everyone of us are victims and also guilty of what is happening in the world, we can make a change if we are capable of doing the right thing and accept the consequences. 

Age quod agis

“Do what you are doing” is the latin way to say FOCUS and what is known for mindfulness as a state  where we attend our actions by concentrating on them without letting our mind wander to other things that keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest.

The romans used this frase as being in the moment as the stoics used to say: Carpe diem to live life at the fullest, to sieze the day. We can learn from them that the simple things in out life have a trascendental meaning where we can learn to be happy right here and right now. Happiness is not at the end of the rainbow, is the path to live a full life, with meaning.

Nowadays we don’t have time to think on what we like and what we want. All the noise and the fast information that seems to attack us has been keeping us in the dark of who we really are and what we want.

It cannot be confused with the motto YOLO where we can resume it as “do the most stupid things in a day”. To sieze the day is to make your everyday life filled with meaning, with intention to make the present last forever with trascendental actions.

Logan and conciousness

Logan is the film based of Wolverine a member of the X men, a mutant league that helps save the world from other evil mutants. Thanks to Professor Xavier they are educated and learn to control their powers or mutations for the good of human kind. In this battle between humans and mutants, Wolverine is the rebel that becomes one of the main characters of the comic book.
Wolverine has become a hit, that the film industry has made a series of movies to explain his life through the years. His mutation and character becomes the center piece of the main issue: why him? And how can I get rid of it? This are the main questions we ask ourselves at a point in our lives. Logan’s thirst to know himself has taken him to live far more than any other mutant, his ability to regenerate and his adamantium implants has become his fortune and curse.

This film takes place in the near future where there are no more mutants, humans have destroyed them. There are a few left and Logan is keeping alive Professor Xavier. This fight against humankind has come to an end where mutants are gone and there is no one else to protect earth.

Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

As the epic battle comes to an end, Logan finds out that mankind is making mutants by taking their genes to build weapons for the government. When a younger mutant comes to the scene, Logan finds out that this girl is his “daughter” and was raised in a mexican hospital to be a weapon instead of a kid.

The main problem is when science interferes with mankind and expect it to behave as a robot with a series of configurations to act according. But human beings have a conscience that tells them who they are and percive a sense of what is good and bad. We can teach them to fight and act in a way but we will never stop thinking about our actions and who we are. Our place in the world is one of the main questions about our identity, and the present actions we do become a part of who we are. We can’t be another person and change who we are, we can only be better or worse.

Silence and knowing thyself

Any film director is characterized by his movies. Scorcese is not the exception. Some of his movies are violent, erotic, and filled with history. The movie Silence is a particular one, due that the lack of violence, erotism and the rapid movement of the camera shows us another version of this great director.  You may call it an apology of Christianity or a complaint against this religion. But the fact is that this movie shows us when 2 great religions find each other: Budhism and Christianism. Both religions teach peace, but their essence is completely different:
  • Buda is a state where all men can become and then be happy and become one with God
  • Salvation comes with the knowledge of true love to be happy  with God
There is a slight difference in those religions. The movie explains it so well, that it may help you (if you believe) to realize what your religion is about. If you aren’t religious then is a cultural knowledge to understand this religions. 
The movie is about jesuit “padres” that go to Japan to evangelize a new and unexplored civilization. After 20 years, the missionaries are being put to death in the most horrid ways ever, for altering the peace and destroying the cultural and religious identity of the country. Why make others think the way you think? Why not let people live and let live their lives? 
There’s a saying in here: “Mountains and rivers can be moved but men’s nature cannot be moved“.
The main claim from the Japanese Inquisitor Inue is to let Japan be Japan. In a way that may be right, but what would happen if you have the chance to make your life plenty by aknowledging other ways to achieve greatness? The idea of the jesuit priest is to show the people an unexplored path to have a better life. To expand their horizons as true human beings instead of being merely servants of the State or simple cattle that produces goods to a lord
We can appreciate in the movie the fight of this priests that want people to follow God, but their own ego gets in the way. As the Buddhist Inquisitor aknowledges. Ferreira, Rodriguez, and Garupe think of themselves the last survivors of the Christian faith. In fact they are one of the elements to succeed. People convert without their presence, because the main character that remains in silent is capable to change a man’s heart. Not them. They are instruments to the great mission. They aren’t the Church, but the messengers. At the end of the movie Kirishtan are still alive between the pesants. 
The amazing art and scenery makes the spectator realize that SILENCE is the main way to achieve peace. We live in a world full of ideas and circumstances that when we try to know what to do with our life, we can’t due to all the noise that fills our head and doesn’t let us think. We become a part of life instead of living our own life. What we can achieve is through the knowledge of us, as Socrates used to say: “know thyself” and the path to do it is to be silent and become mindful with our actions, everyday actions
Learn to be silent to find yourself. To be in touch with what you want in life, so you don’t end up being at high sea, but with a purpose.

Woman power

 When we speak about gender and sex, we sometimes confuse what is gender (legal) with sex (biology). To make a point, in biology there are 2 sexes according to the unification of the chromosomes vary in 2 ways: XX (man) and XY (woman). Gender means to the social distinction between a boy or girl. Nowadays we speak of gender as a simplification of our sex, but the fact that we are born as a man or a woman. But the main problem I see is not the sex, nor the gender, but the fact that we fight for equality as adults but we behave as kids.
Women want rights, girls want to play to be mature. When a woman is capable to stand up for herself, then she will have rights. But if a woman wants that someone else stands up for her, then she is a girl. She is uncapable to assume all the responsability that other women have fought for it. Women don’t want girl power, they want real power to change the world with the right and obligation that come with this fight. Girls want to fight for their rights but when the obligations come, they don’t want it and blame others.
Women defines herself, she doesn’t need a man to be defined. What women want is to be free from the girl that wants to take on the world but when it goes rough, then she backs off. She knows what she is capable off, what she wants and is able to work for it. Sensuality has never been her problem, that is a man’s problem. If she accepts who she is, she can change the world and influence on people by being who she is: a woman.


Phillip H. Brubeck G.

¡Felicidades!, tu cuerpo te ha indicado que hoy has dejado de ser niña y te has

convertido en una mujer. Entras a un mundo maravilloso regido por la fuerza del

amor, donde encontrarás todo lo que ahorita parece un sueño, irás descubriendo

poco a poco tu vocación, crecerá la persona que traes dentro de ti, así como el

capullo se va abriendo hasta que extiende totalmente sus pétalos para demostrar

la belleza y el perfume de la flor perfecta.

Tienes ante ti un mundo de oportunidades, la sensibilidad femenina es un gran

medio para elevarte en la vida espiritual hasta dilucidar esos insospechados

caminos que te unen íntimamente con tu Creador, como una guía en el caminar

cotidiano, viendo a profundidad lo que otros no logran.

Ahora te estás preparando para tu vida como profesionista, el estudio te

proporciona los conocimientos técnicos y científicos que requieres para tu trabajo

en el futuro. Mira cuántas te han precedido con éxito, así tú alcanzarás la meta en

el desempeño como una profesionista, haciendo cosas que en realidad te diviertan

y te llenen de satisfacción. No tienes trabas, puedes llegar hasta donde te


En su momento, como sucede con la mayoría de las mujeres, encontrarás el amor

de tu vida. Unida a ese hombre formarás una familia para gozar de la vida en

común en la que se complementarán el uno al otro, juntos, de la mano, sin

supremacía de ninguno. Llevas el germen de la vida, de tu seno nacerán los hijos

con los que Dios bendecirá el resto de tus días.

En tu camino encontrarás muchas voces disonantes, las escucharás en la calle,

las redes sociales, los medios de comunicación. Utilizan argumentos con algunas

bases verdaderas para llegar a conclusiones falsas, por eso no creas todo lo que

dicen, hay quienes alzan la bandera del feminismo para lograr la igualdad en los

derechos del hombre y la mujer, pero lo hacen a tal grado que terminan

discriminando al hombre. En esencia somos iguales, tenemos las mismas

capacidades intelectuales.

Exageran las cifras, ya hay las mismas oportunidades de estudio y trabajo, cada

quien se gana el puesto con su desempeño. Físicamente las fuerzas de la mujer

son inferiores a las del hombre, por eso debes cuidarte para que no vayan a

abusar de ti.

No hagas caso de quienes pretenden alterar la verdad para confundir a la gente y

sumergirla en la misma confusión que ellos viven, en un intento de hacer creer que

a voluntad una persona puede cambiar su sexo, dejar de ser mujer para

convertirse en hombre o viceversa, tu condición de mujer nadie te la podrá

cambiar. Bien lo dijo Melissa Brubeck, en “Ecos de los insonoro”: “La verdad solo

se queda ahí, dándote opciones de su refractar dependiendo de la luz.”

“Necesitamos observar las dualidades del mundo, para poder saber sus


Las dualidades permanecen con su esencia, pero al momento en que

pretendemos modificarlas caemos en el mundo de la falsedad, lo contrario de la


Como sucede en España, esas personas suben al rango de la ley sus mentiras

para tratar de imponerlas a todos, en un supuesto Estado de Derecho, que en

realidad se transforma en una dictadura al violar el derecho a la libertad de

expresión, de prensa, de libertad religiosa. De esta forma, quienes pedían respeto

a sus derechos y la tolerancia a su forma de ser, son los que menos respetan los

derechos humanos y los más intolerantes de quienes no comparten su forma de

ser y pensar. Ahora castigan a quien públicamente se atreve a decir la verdad.

No te dejes confundir por esas voces disonantes, sigue el camino de la naturaleza,

actúa con dignidad, dándote a respetar en todo momento para que los demás te

respeten. Actúa con sencillez, tus actos, tus palabras cotidianas se encargarán de

demostrar a todo el mundo quién eres, lo mucho que vales como mujer, como ser


Be realistic about yourself

Everytime we look in the mirror, what do we see? Ourselves? Or who we want to be? If the answer is the second question we might be unsatisfied with our lives, but why? What is missing? Is it us or someone else?

It is important to have dreams but is far more necessary to be realistic. To accept who we are right here and now. And not what we want to be in the near future. What we have is here, if we waste our life about what is that we want or need, instead of focusing in what we have today, we will waste the only thing we can do. 

Think of the tale the milk-lady:

Patty the Milkmaid was going to market carrying her milk in a Pail on her head. As she went along she began calculating what she would do with the money she would get for the milk. “I’ll buy some fowls from Farmer Brown,” said she, “and they will lay eggs each morning, which I will sell to the parson’s wife. With the money that I get from the sale of these eggs I’ll buy myself a new dimity frock and a chip hat; and when I go to market, won’t all the young men come up and speak to me! Polly Shaw will be that jealous; but I don’t care. I shall just look at her and toss my head like this”. As she spoke she tossed her head back, the Pail fell off it, and all the milk was spilt. So she had to go home and tell her mother what had occurred.”Ah, my child,” said the mother: “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched”

The Moral could be: “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched”. We may be always looking for the best option, but we need to be realistic, that doesn’t mean we conform ourselves, but to know where are and improve what needs to be better. 
Plato’s philosophy tends that way, we see our perfection in our mind, what we want as a future project. That doesn’t mean is real, what is present is real imperfect as it seem but that’s the only thing we have. As Aristotle would say, the real world is the only thing we have.