A spoon full of sugar

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job’s a game
And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree! It’s very clear to see that
A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way
Mary poppins
We all have a job to do, if we see work as a terrible thing which we are condemned to do, then we will always live for Fridays, the only day in the week where we can be happy, while the rest of the time we suffer the unmerciful tasks to get paid.
It seems that the eternal damnation of work never ends; it is a constant rutine where work never ends and slaves are always working. It is the Sysiphus’s myth all over again: Zeus, fed up with Sisyphus‘ tricks and cunning as well as his hubris – believing he was more cunning than Zeus – punished him to eternally push a boulder uphill. However, as soon as he would reach the top of the hill, the boulder would roll off and Sisyphus had to push it back again.
We need to stop blaming work, let us find instead that special thing that makes us enjoy it so we can find a sense of what we are doing in everything else. Leave the box and find what you really want to matter, and enjoy the ride; the rest will go easier as a spoonful of sugar.
The honey bee that fetch the nectar
From the flowers to the comb
Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro
Because they take a little nip
From every flower that they sip
And hence (And hence),
They find (They find)
Their task is not a grind
Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman

It’s not relative

If we consider a relation of things through relativism, there is no way we can ever know the truth. On the other side, the kind of knowledge we have is subjective. We feel things at a different intensity, but it does not mean that the knowledge becomes singular. We all know and understand the concepts without confusing them, for example: we all know what “hot” and “cold” means; there is a variety of intensity in the perception of the word, but it cannot be confused with another concept like “light” or “pudding”.
We can measure reality in relation to our point of view and that this fact is as close as anyone can get to the truth. If realism was the only way to know things we couldn’t be able to speak of what we feel. We could not speak of what humans are, and how to treat them; everything would be reduced as animals perceive, to gain their own benefit or harm; to react to everything that is around us. Men would become an object and not an intelligent being capable to perfect himself by appreciating beauty, knowing the truth and wanting good. If knowledge reduces a man to what is relative to him, he will lose the most important trait that constitutes him: to transcend and be happy.

Poverty leads to simplification

When we talk about poverty we think about people living in such a state that there is no growth; there is hunger, cold and injustice. In fact, poverty is a concept that implies that we live with only the most fundamental to live.
Minimalism is a way of living with the basic; that is what poverty means; to let go of everything that keeps us from what is meaningful to our lives. With poverty we are able to simplify our lives. We can be honest to us and others to distinguish the truth.
Consummism can be an obstacle to find happiness because it enslaves us to what doesn’t fulfill us.
Learn to be poor, to live with what you really need; stop controlling everything that happens in advance; live and let live; live a meaningful life; be authentic to have means to an end; stop wasting time.
To be poor:
  • Don’t own things, take care of what we have with the idea that it will perish. Be realistic with what you have.
  • Don’t have superfluous things. Live with what you need to live without gathering things. When something comes in, something must come out. Clean spaces, clean minds.
  • What we have is what we need to be happy. If you have something that doesn’t make you happy, then you must let it go.
  • Donate to someone that needs it more than us. It helps build better societies.
We must be concious of what we have and what we want. Get rid of what troubles or stands in our way to be happy. To be free is to be away of what makes us slaves: people, things, and aideas. Live without attachments, be simple. Life is about moments lived and not things you have.

El matrimonio imperfecto

Nuestro matrimonio no es perfecto como yo no soy perfecta, como tú tampoco lo eres. Sin embargo, a lo largo de estos años a tu lado he comprendido que en efecto amar es un acto de la voluntad. No elegí sentirme atraída hacia ti, pero sí comenzar a amarte, así como lo hago ahora. Yo te elegí como mi compañero de vida hace ya varios años a través de los cuales hemos tenido momentos felices y momentos en que creímos que todo estaba perdido y que no valía la pena seguir luchando. Aun así, los hemos sobrepasado y hemos decidido seguir unidos y seguir luchando por nuestra familia, por nuestros hijos y, me atrevo a decir, hasta por nosotros mismos.

Juntos hemos visto a nuestros hijos crecer y convertirse en seres con gustos propios, con sentimientos que a veces no entendemos, los vemos avanzar en su vida cada vez más independientes y hemos sido testigos de su florecimiento, aunque en realidad aún sean pequeños capullos.

Hoy, le doy gracias a Dios porque llegaste a mi vida, porque juntos hemos construido lo que muchos otros añoran tener toda su vida y nunca lo logran: una familia. También te doy gracias porque por ti he aprendido que lo que los cuentos de hadas nos hacen creer cuando somos pequeños, no existe; ese “felices para siempre” es precisamente solo un cuento porque esa felicidad, aunque posible, no llega a tu vida como por arte de magia y solo porque contrajiste nupcias.

Esa felicidad ha de construirse día con día. Hay que luchar contra viento y marea: contra el tedio de todos los días, de los años, contra personas que se cruzan en nuestros caminos y hacen que apartemos la mirada de lo más importante, contra una sociedad que descalifica, abarata e incluso ridiculiza los valores de una familia, contra esa idea de que mientras uno seas feliz todo se vale y hasta contra nosotros mismos. Darse uno mismo día a día a esa persona con quien prometiste pasar el resto de tu vida, es la empresa más difícil que cualquier persona pueda emprender. Olvidarse de uno mismo para anteponer a otros y renunciar a lo que nosotros queremos por satisfacer al cónyuge, es una de los actos que más cuestan pues implica vencerse a uno mismo. Ambos hemos tenido que soportar y tratar de vivir con los defectos del otro.

Me queda claro que me alejo mucho de la perfección así que es mayor tu mérito por permanecer conmigo cuando podrías haberte marchado. Hemos recorrido un largo camino tú y yo y por todo lo que hemos vivido juntos y por todo el tiempo que me permitas seguir a tu lado, solo me queda decirte una cosa: gracias por estos años mi amor.

Adela Aranguren

Progress in art

When art is born is the beginning of the civilized man. It is the practice out of work and the beginning of contemplation of the beauty in the world. In the modern world, art has become a way of expression that surrounds us. Only a few are touched by the muses and are able to achieve beauty. It is not an ordinary trait in society, but we can reach it if we educate in beauty, as Plato and Aristotle said.
There is a universal concept of what art and culture are. Taste and principles are subjective; to one person something may be beautiful, but not to another; it also depends on the culture they are from. Art is something we agree to disagree, there is no universal idea of what art is in the modern world, and so is tradition. We value and judge things from our values and ideas of culture, especially beauty: for the Islamic culture the values of women are different from those of the west. While in Mexico it is considered a great honor to pay homage to the flag, in the USA they wear the flag in their underwear as homage. Even though we live in a globalized world, there is no way to compare the different ideas, culture and art, or to judge each culture.
As Dawson says: “for Art, in the widest sense of the word, is the great bridge which crosses the gulf of mutual incomprehension that separates cultures. To understand the art of a society is to understand the vital activity of that society in its most intimate and creative moments.”
Although we are different, what unites us all is the constant search for beauty, in every form that it may come because with art, mankind opens to a broader dimension; it takes us to a transcendental thought. Beauty is what makes us long for something unknown, but at the same time elevates us to a certainty that is fulfilling. Listening to music, seeing a painting is what takes us to the sublime, to majestic scenarios.

The 14th reason

As the Netflix series 13 Reasons why has become a huge hit between the younger generations. The series is about a girl that commits suicide and sends a tape to each participant or agent for her suicide. So if you get a tape you may wonder what you did to make her take her life.
As the series explains why she did it, we may think that it is absurd to take your own life because in past years you did something she didn’t like, or perhaps you weren’t aware of your actions. The main character seem quite immature and full of resentment.
“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. Everything. . . affects everything.”
What we can learn from this is that the girl who commited suicide was a victim of our own selfishness. Imagine that somone took his or her life because we didn’t do a simple thing: say hello, aknowledge her, recognize her.
“I wanted people to trust me, despite anything they’d heard. And more than that, I wanted them to know me. Not the stuff they thought they knew about me. No, the real me. I wanted them to get past the rumors. To see beyond the relationships I once had, or maybe still had but that they didn’t agree with.”
What we may find in this series is how people are affected by our indifference because we have bocome so selfish that we don’t look at others and see how we might help them. It may seem superficial, but when we think about it, we are part of the problem; we may be the cause for someone’s else existance and meaning of their lives. We are all responsible.
All lives matter, we cannot depend on other to be happy, the main problem here is that we are not taking responsability of our actions. What we do today has consequences tomorrow. To make yourself a victim of what is happening in the world is the main problem we have. Life is about a conquest, an everyday conquest.

What philosophy did for me

Every time I get to know someone, you begin chatting, knowing each other, and the obliged question about the career comes in forcing me to answer: “I am philosopher”. Suddenly, you start appreciating a change in their faces, trying to figure out what a philosopher is?, what they do? or why being one?

Once they are out of their bewilderment, they venture to ask: “why philosophy?” or “what is the use of being a philosopher?” intending no to be rude. But usually is like this: so you like to do nothing or sure you must have failed badly in life to study that… Many things may come to mind, but after years of explaining why philosophy and what is philosophy, finally I realized that being a philosopher has done so much for me and it is the best decision so far.

What is the use of being a philosopher? To study ancient thinkers that know nothing about the present, those things are obsolete, it is a social standard for rebels, they smoke funky things, etc… Well, those ideas are very far away from what philosophy is. Even my dad doubted my choice for being a philosopher and decided not to pay my degree. Why study something that has no use in life?

Why not being a philosopher? As time passes one becomes more and more mature and realizes that many things in life is not what you imagined… specially for an idealist person. But being a philosopher has opened me many doors. I can speak with anyone that doesn’t share my thoughts without judging, until they defend their point of view. Also philosophy made me curious to know more, to do the right thing not because someone said so, but because I am convinced of it –like my faith-; it has made me a good speaker capable to make sense for others; I can help with great advices and change people’s lives. To read and think what is useful, to doubt common ideas and seek for answers that are not visible. I can see the world in a different perspective: broader and deeper.

It may be not all philosophers are the same, but we share many traits that keeps us constantly wondering about the world to make it better. That is what philosophy made for me, it changed my life to be able to change others by being an intellectual. To listen, argue, write and debate ideas, thoughts, habits, etc. we are able to change minds, to say things that maybe are weird or crazy but we always make sense.

So philosophy is not dead, it makes us more human and conscious of others, it is useful because it gives structure to our thoughts, we are capable of think what we are feeling and give the right treatment, we are open to new ideas, experiences and ways of living. I can’t be bored that easily, thought always assault my mind and constantly ideas come rushing into my head to be contemplated, the ability to read books and share their wisdom, to stand up for myself and do the right thing.

Jimena Casillas C


¿Porqué los mexicanos somos así?

Somos un país con raíces, vivencias,  historia, con logros, catástrofes,
sumisión, liderazgo, avasallamiento, triunfos, sometimiento y constante
lucha, con una naturaleza pródiga y hermosa, llenos de recursos naturales,
materiales, inmateriales y humanos con grandes ventajas y maravillas
naturales que nos ha dado la vida. Y teniendo todo eso, dado
generalmente por la naturaleza y otra parte por nuestro esfuerzo, trabajo,
deseamos lo que los otros o demás  tienen u obtienen por la  razón o
circunstancias que sean, por que los tenemos que criticar, obstaculizar,
destruir, hacer que no cumpla con su palabra, ponerle obstáculos, crear
problemas, dividir a su gente,etc. ¿Por qué?

Como hace  100 años decía Porfirio Díaz: “la razón por la que le va mejor a
EUA es que una vez que alguien gana la presidencia, el pueblo y los
políticos se le unen para  trabajar por la nación. En cambio en México, en
cuanto alguien toma el poder, todos, enemigos y antiguos amigos, se ponen
en su contra”.

Porque nos hemos hecho o vuelto de esa forma, del egoísmo, del querer lo
que el otro tiene o quiere y que al obtenerlo ese otro yo lo tengo que
tener , porque nada más él, que no sé si es o no es mejor que y pero para
mí no lo es. Y si él lo tiene yo lo debo de tener como sea, cueste lo
que cueste.

Actualmente, estamos ante una gran encrucijada como país, al estar en
constante lucha contra el país más poderoso del mundo, nuestro vecino,
del cuál depende nuestro progreso, nuestra estabilidad social,
económica y política, esto debido a la dependencia que siempre hemos
tenido desde que somos independientes, y ahora con un Presidente
enfermo que nos ha declarado la guerra a los mexicanos principalmente,
¿qué vamos a hacer?, por primera vez, nos uniremos en torno a nuestros
gobernantes, a nuestro país?, pero como nación, no entorno al
representante o mandatario por sus ideales o ideología, sino como
País, ayudarnos y apoyarnos todos los mexicanos como nación, como un
todo en favor de nuestra independencia que no hemos sabido consumar.
Sin egoísmos, odios, envidias que siempre hemos tenido como hermanos
mal nacidos. Por fin, podremos actuar como una nación unida para salir
adelante de esta catástrofe y seguir trabajando todos en torno a
nuestra independencia: intelectual, alimentaria, social, educativa,
comercial, de valores, ritos y costumbres auténticamente mexicanos. Yo
creo que si somos capaces. Unámonos por nuestro México, por el futuro
de nosotros mismos, de nuestros hijos y futuras generaciones que verán
que los mexicanos somos capaces de salir adelante ante cualquier reto
que se nos aparezca en frente.

Javier Casillas Castillo

El síndrome de la rana cocida

Sin duda alguna la situación de nuestro país es insostenible con respecto a la inseguridad que estamos viviendo día con día.

Escucho el caso de una joven que se llevaron con todo y carro y a las horas liberaron, luego me cuentan que una conocida está en el hospital porque le propinaron tremenda golpiza al robarla, del joven a quien le quitaron su camioneta y lo rociaron con gas pimienta, de otra conocida a quien le robaron todas sus joyas cuando se metieron a su casa, etc. Entonces, me pongo a hacer un recuento mental de todos los casos recientes de que he sabido de personas que han sufrido algún tipo de robo o violencia y me embarga un sentimiento de impotencia tan grande como estoy segura que lo siente la mayoría de aquellos quienes han tenido conocimiento de estos hechos. Al comentarlo con amigos, escucho “Lo bueno es que solo se llevaron el coche”, “Lo bueno es que solo se llevaron las cosas de su casa, pero no había nadie”.

Lo entiendo, entiendo este punto de vista de elegir el menor de los males. Pero entonces, me lleno de tristeza al pensar que estamos invadidos por el síndrome de la rana cocida, aquel que explica que, si calientas agua en una olla y echas una rana, esta instintivamente saltará fuera de ella, pero que, si pones a la rana en el agua tibia y enciendes la flama, el agua se irá calentando poco a poco y la rana morirá sin hacer el menor esfuerzo por escapar. Poco a poco nos hemos ido acostumbrando a la violencia a nuestro alrededor, poco a poco vemos estas infamias como algo del día a día.

Claro que lo material no tiene el mismo valor que el bienestar de una persona, pero ¿por qué hemos de sentirnos aliviados de que nos roben? El punto de llegar a casi estar agradecidos con los pillos porque no nos lastimen, aunque se lleven nuestras cosas materiales. Cosas, sí, pero cosas que nadie nos ha regalado, que son fruto de nuestro trabajo, de nuestro esfuerzo diario por salir adelante, cosas que nos hemos ganado con el sudor de nuestra frente, que nos hemos ganado con ahínco, quizá noches sin dormir, vaya, hasta sacrificando tiempo lejos de nuestras familias. No podemos, no debemos acostumbrarnos a la delincuencia en ninguna de sus formas. Puedo asegurar que cualquiera que haya sido víctima de un asalto o un robo, se siente ultrajado y lo sé porque así me he sentido yo en todas aquellas ocasiones que he sido el blanco de un incidente de esta naturaleza. No debemos quedar sumergidos y permitir cada vez más atrocidades.

Debemos hacer algo para defendernos y apoyarnos entre nosotros como sociedad, como clase trabajadora, como mexicanos, porque temo el día en que nos acostumbremos entonces a que nos quiten las cosas con violencia y entonces estemos agradecidos con los malos por no quitarnos la vida.

Adela Aranguren

Healing powers

When we have our lives solved or we just get by with what the world around us throws, as spectators of what might come next without making an effort to achive what we really want, we begin to wonder if there is more in life than to be waiting for opportunities, to be succesful, to invent something that will change the world as we know it.

Life is about making meaningful choices that change our way of living, not that keep us in the confort zone. Life without meaning becomes boring, boring and we may lose the sense of who we really are. We should not be passive to the world, and expect someone with a super power or a magic wand to come and rescue us. We need to think what life is asking from us depending on what it has given us to make a change.

When we stop asking life who we really are and what we want to be, then everything else is pointless. We need to focus on what is important and not on what is confortable; otherwise, we may lose the ability to see in others what makes our life rich with meaning. If we only shelter ourselves in us, and forget about our surroundings, we will lose perspective.

The movie The Healer is a great example of who we are and what we are able to do to make a change in society, but if we don’t realize that we have the power to make a better world, we are condemned to be victims of what is happening all around us. Make a change in someone’s life: smile at them, greet everyone, do your job, forgive others.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make it a better place
For you and for me

Michael Jackson