Woman power

 When we speak about gender and sex, we sometimes confuse what is gender (legal) with sex (biology). To make a point, in biology there are 2 sexes according to the unification of the chromosomes vary in 2 ways: XX (man) and XY (woman). Gender means to the social distinction between a boy or girl. Nowadays weContinue reading “Woman power”


Phillip H. Brubeck G. ¡Felicidades!, tu cuerpo te ha indicado que hoy has dejado de ser niña y te has convertido en una mujer. Entras a un mundo maravilloso regido por la fuerza del amor, donde encontrarás todo lo que ahorita parece un sueño, irás descubriendo poco a poco tu vocación, crecerá la persona queContinue reading “CAMINA CON DIGNIDAD”


It is know the frase “You Only Live Once” as a personal motto for young people (not by age, but by attitude) to dare to do things that you’ll regret later. YOLO is a constant denial of the “what if” as a possibility in life. By denying it you are able to live amazing experiencesContinue reading “YODO not YOLO”

Earn yourself

Whatever you do or think has a consequence in the real world. Our body and mind are connected, what we feel influence our thoughts and what we think affects our feelings. We are one through life.  Who we are is the summ of many social, political, religious and physical factors. All of them make usContinue reading “Earn yourself”

Audi, vide, tace, si vis vivere in pace 

This latin saying is a vulgata for one of the best advices we can have nowadays. With the use of social media and the speed of information we loose focus.  If the romans who lived a simpler life already was moving at a fast pace. The world in technology is faster than ever, and noisier.Continue reading “Audi, vide, tace, si vis vivere in pace “

Control what you feel

There are many times when we feel bad about when people insult us. Also the insult may weight more or has a different meaning (even though is the same insult) when someone we care about tells us. This may be because we feel they are right, wich is wrong.  If we know who we areContinue reading “Control what you feel”