Be the gift

This time of the year we tend to reflect what we have done in the last 364 days and we face ourselves with the expectations we made at the beginning of the year. We may think we failed and we have if we keep on insisting year after year on the same thing. We needContinue reading “Be the gift”

Satisfaction comes from within

There are many things we do in life; many of them we don’t like to do them nor do we see the point in doing them. Routine becomes worthless and avoiding it becomes the main idea in our day to day. Sometimes we think we need or we must do it to make things workContinue reading “Satisfaction comes from within”

Bullying made me who I am

Since I was little I have suffered from bullying. 6 years of my life from 6 years to 12 years of age I grew thinking I wasn’t useful because everybody seemed to be annoyed by my presence. Death was a solution if I was such a burden and an obstacle for others, perhaps I was notContinue reading “Bullying made me who I am”

Love is scary

Love is giving all up to another person. It is losing ourselves to give all we have and stop trying to feel if have some for ourselves. Love is hard because it goes against the natural instinct of keeping things for ourselves, to feel, to receive instead of giving it all away to give ourselvesContinue reading “Love is scary”

Human Rights in Aretha’s songs

Aretha Franklin was born in 1942 in USA, in fact, in the place where music has a special twist: Tenesee. She started her career since child singing in choirs later she became the Queen of Soul, she made choir singing popular and accesible to people that without being religious could enjoy choir music. She usedContinue reading “Human Rights in Aretha’s songs”

To assume doesn’t mean it as fact

Language is a powerful tool, since humanity roams the earth there are many many ways we can know the world and relate to others. We first come up with an idea that we need to express; we formule it in our heads and then express it in a way that our receptor can receive theContinue reading “To assume doesn’t mean it as fact”

Love seen through 8 year-olds

What is love? That is a question that roams everyone’s life at a certain point. We may look for answers in every book known, or great thinkers, religions, traditions, cultures and each and everyone of them will have an opinion, a complex one. But when CAFE&co. decided to go on lurking into every type ofContinue reading “Love seen through 8 year-olds”


We usually compare to others in what we think of them ideally not for who they really are. We tend to idealize our role models and take out all their flaws and bad characteristics to exaggerate the good ones. So when we want a role model to follow, we put ourselves far away from ourContinue reading “Comparison”

Is equality just?

We say that justice is giving others what they are entitled to concerning their own capabilities. But it doesn’t seem sufficient in today’s world, people are fighting so hard for their rights and preferences that they are missing the main problems causing their discomfort. Do we all want the same things? Do we all want to beContinue reading “Is equality just?”

To be ‘liked’

We’ve always wanted to belong in a society, certain types of groups and have friends. It is a human need that makes us happy, and not having the approval may affect us in a bad way in our self-esteem and our idea of us. It is one of the things we cherish the most: to beContinue reading “To be ‘liked’”