Power is not in the weapon

Nowadays there are so many news about violence, danger and tragedy. We lack security and peace in our society. That is why people go around carrying weapons to feel safe and able to defend themselves provided danger comes. Carrying a gun has 2 effects: The idea of feeling safe just because we have an advantage overContinue reading “Power is not in the weapon”

Stand up

Whenever we face a difficulty: crisis, injustice, violence, war, etc., any situation that demands to make a difference, we must know we have the moral duty to put our character to the test. Who we are and where we come from, we must never forget where we are going. No matter what situation we face,Continue reading “Stand up”

Rocking Alexander the Great

Music has always made us feel emotions. Artists express their emotions through music to communicate through space and time and reach new generations with the same feeling. Some experiences have been enriched by a song and many of them have inspired us to change our minds, feel good about ourselves or just make us dance like nobody isContinue reading “Rocking Alexander the Great”

Is need bad?

What do we need? Do we really need many things? If we have all we need, then what is missing? Is it good to have it all? Can we have it all? In daily life, people mention that their happiness is having everything they need, but now that they don’t have it, they aren’t happy?Continue reading “Is need bad?”

Innovation and tradition a Heraclitean and Parmenidean dilemma

One of the main problems in ancient Grece was a metaphysical problem between two philosophers: Heraclitus and Parmenides. That issue lasted around 300 years without any solution until Plato and Aristotle helped humanity solved it.  Heraclitus proposes that the origin of everything is fire because it can transform whatever get in touch with it. So if the fireContinue reading “Innovation and tradition a Heraclitean and Parmenidean dilemma”

Horror vacui

Life is filled with richness and filled with beings. Everything has rules and plans and meaning that we discover each day. In nature there is also a void; things we can’t explain or that don’t have meaning. Then we realize that we don’t like those things because of the lack everything. Emptiness is always lurking around. PhilosophyContinue reading “Horror vacui”

Human Rights in Aretha’s songs

Aretha Franklin was born in 1942 in USA, in fact, in the place where music has a special twist: Tenesee. She started her career since child singing in choirs later she became the Queen of Soul, she made choir singing popular and accesible to people that without being religious could enjoy choir music. She usedContinue reading “Human Rights in Aretha’s songs”

Life is dangerous

We can’t control every aspect of our lives; there is always something threatening us: nature, technology, society, etc. There are all kinds of dangers out there, in our lives there are also dangers we are constantly exposed to: intimidation, humiliation, isolation, feeling dumb, unaccepted, useless and rejection; all of them are fears we face inContinue reading “Life is dangerous”

Visit Mexico— “twice the lifestyle at half the cost.”

At a gentle 80 degrees and a slight breeze. Only one other family, about 50 yards away, shared this paradise on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, which you pay the equivalent of $3 to enter. Lazily considering the events of your life, your thoughts interrupted by a man who rides up in aContinue reading “Visit Mexico— “twice the lifestyle at half the cost.””