Great minds think alike

There is a common saying that people who study and observe reality are more likely to think the same things. But is there telepathy? Or is it more like by studying the same things no matter what perspective we have the things we are looking at are the same? 

Perhaps there is no cosmic plan that gathers people all around the world because they are meant to be together, but because they like the same things and want the same. They are more likely to bump into each other because they meet their personal interests. 

Maybe there is no plan that rules our destiny but the same interests that unites people that think alike.

2 thoughts on “Great minds think alike

  1. People feel more comfortable when they talk to people with whom they share certain interests.That’s why that phrase is used, a way to justify your interest in talking with similar people.- Jesús Morelos


  2. People feel more comfortable some times with people who think alike, because the is just one thought, and one, union is related to good. People may experience a pleasant good in this case, as what they think the same can o cannot be correct.


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