Wimbledon’s veterans

Last weekend was the final game of Wimbledon (the oldest tournament game in the world) where the best tennis players compete to win the trophy. This year, 2019, in the men’s singles, was Federer against  Djokovic. Both have known each other for a long time, and they have been competing against each other for a while.  Even to Nadal, the other tennis player who lost the match and couldn’t play in the finals. The match was the longest one in a final: 4 hours 57 minutes, where there seemed to be a clear loss on the match, there were moments when the losing player would improve his game and beat the score and get ahead of the game. Both players are veterans in the game: at the age of 37 (Federer) and 34 (Djokovic), they seem to be unstoppable in this game.

Are there any new talents who can’t beat them? Why aren’t new talents breaking records? It seems that younger talents don’t have what it takes to be a champion in sports. Veterans still rule the game, and the younger talents aren’t a match for them. They may be faster and may be able to spend many hours playing, but there seems to be a lack of effort and commitment to play and be the best. This could be due to the fact that since they were little they have been awarded effort prizes instead of teaching them to be the best in what they do, to fight for what they want, and to be passionate about something no matter how difficult it may seem to get to the top. Comfort and mediocrity have taken over a new generation of tennis players, where veterans still reign the championship, people who are willing to pursue their passion, to give it all in real life, instead of waiting for others to entertain them. 

Life must be lived with actions, not just from the other side of the TV. 

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