Power is not in the weapon

Nowadays there are so many news about violence, danger and tragedy. We lack security and peace in our society. That is why people go around carrying weapons to feel safe and able to defend themselves provided danger comes. 
Carrying a gun has 2 effects:

  1. The idea of feeling safe just because we have an advantage over anyone else who is unarmed. 
  2. The power to make others surrender their will and do what we want.

The first feeling makes us prepared for what danger may bring to us. The second feeling shows a lack of confidence, hope and peace we have without an object to justify it. 

The gun may put us on a power spot and the responsibility to take by carrying it. But it is not a free pass to do whatever we want and to show off a power that is not there. 
Confidence, responsibility and peace come from within ourselves. They are not objects that can guarantees us but a threat to harm others and ourselves.

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One thought on “Power is not in the weapon

  1. Even though the gun can have those effects, the gun on itself is not bad as a useful good, a gun accomplishes its function. On the other hand, what is ethically bad is the human action of pulling the trigger to kill someone or to have power over the people, as it goes against ontological and “one” types of good.

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