Life happens

There are many things in life that simply happen. It is not because of us, or because someone in the universe wants to make our lives miserable. Things tend to happen whether we are around or not. It doesn’t depend on us to be there testifying every moment, they just appear or disappear without our consent. We are not sure if there is going to be a catastrophe or a tragedy that we can prevent, nor the good stuff: getting a job, a promotion, receive some money that someone owed us, win the lottery, or simply finding money in an old pair of pants. 

If there is so much inconsistency and randomness that we don’t know in the world and we are still here, I guess we got a good start. At least we are here with the good or the bad that make our lives filled with amazing stories that will help someone else to have a fun time listening, learning from our mistakes or making sense in their lives with the little we have to offer. Life happens; that doesn’t mean we should stop learning from it and start sharing it…

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