We all know love is the answer; then why is it so hard to live by it?

There are many things in life that remind us of the constant love we receive and the love we do not give. Valentines’s day, Christmas and New Year’s eve are festivities that always reminds us what we all need: LOVE. People giving speeches, social activists, teachers, gurus, mentors, everyone concludes that we all need love and the world needs our love. Science, religions, ideologies all preach and study love and we can say that without love nothing can be possible.

Why is it so hard to achieve it?

When we talk about love there are many things that come to mind, love can mean many things and in so various words and actions we may say ‘that is love’, but perhaps we might be wrong. Love, the word, has different meanings, perhaps that is why we can not get it right. There are many expressions of love, perhaps that is why we can not love properly because each and every one of us has a different idea of what love is. 

What we all want and give is love in every aspect of our lives; we are always loving and trying to be worthy of love. We come from love and we are doomed to love because that is the only thing we can do and want to receive. But what happens when we are not willing to receive the kind of love we are being given? Are we selfish? Can we not receive it? Don’t we want to be loved?

There are many kinds of love, perhaps it is not the one we want, but it doesn’t mean is not love, nor is bad, there is no bad love. Love is a constant action that has an intention and a meaning of giving our best. It may not be enough or what we expected but that is what love means: GIVING. It is not receiving; it is not fair but love is not a matter of justice, it is a matter of making the world a better place with what we can do.

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