Be the gift

This time of the year we tend to reflect what we have done in the last 364 days and we face ourselves with the expectations we made at the beginning of the year. We may think we failed and we have if we keep on insisting year after year on the same thing. We need to be realistic: what we can and want to do to make it possible. If we don’t do this we will fail and grow in resentment for what we couldn’t. We need to focus on who we are, and with all our love, we need to simply be truthful and be the best person we can be.

People don’t need to receive the best gift if it isn’t with love, and for that, we need to love ourselves so we can be the best gift for ourselves and others.

Society has pushed us around to buy things to give meaning to our relations; that is true if we focus on the love we add instead of getting the best gift to be admired. There is nothing greater gift than love, and it doesn’t matter if it is a thing or not. Just by loving ourselves, we can carry on to the next year.

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