To be ‘liked’

We’ve always wanted to belong in a society, certain types of groups and have friends. It is a human need that makes us happy, and not having the approval may affect us in a bad way in our self-esteem and our idea of us. It is one of the things we cherish the most: to be accepted.

Social media has made it “easy” to be liked by others. The problem is: to be liked doesn’t mean we are being accepted. We may feel accepted but it is not real. Uploading a photo, a comment in our daily life to be voted by likes of people we don’t mind who will also not change their perspective about who we really are. Nor does it mean that being liked is because of us, it may be for many other reasons we don’t know.

Instead of striving to be liked by others in social media, like yourself in real life so others may accept you on a daily basis.


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