I’m sorry

One of the hardest words we can pronounce in any languaje is “SORRY”. Saying it challenges us to accept something we may not like, or we can’t imagine its consequences. There are many things we can obtain when we say sorry: have peace, be calm, enjoy life.

When we forgive is not a free-pass we are handing them is letting go of the anger that eats us up. Not forgiving is like drinking poison and expect the other to die (Confucius). But how can we begin? Why is it so hard? Is there a way to finally let go?
Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Immaculé Ilibagiza, Mother Teresa, among other great personalities have talked about the power of forgiveness. It is the most human action we can do after being injured or being victims of some atrocity is to change our status, from victims to heroes by forgiving the other. By this we mean that we can stop being the subject of harm but the main actors of change.
We all have tragedies; our life may as well be a collection of terrible situations that have affected us but that have also made us grow. Violence takes the good from the world and shows us the bad like the shootings in schools, bombings all around the world, governments attacking their citizens and all kinds of abuses. All the bad in world may seem too much but when we decide not to react violently but to act by forgiving, going against our injury, seeing in the other a human that needs love and we can give it to them, that changes everything. It may be hard but it’s possible.
When we forgive, we show others we are better than what they did to us. When we say sorry we are not asking for a free-pass to do whatever we want, but we are trying to restore what we broke and keeping it safe.

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