Get inspired…

Every new year we all want to be better, but things around us seems to be always keeping us from getting what we want. There are always excuses not to do it, or we just say it wasn’t our time to do it; we can make up a million excuses. Many times we all want to do someone else’s bucket list because we think those resolutions are cool or because we just can’t find something to do this year.

The world is an amazing place. We all wish to do many things, but perhaps the main problem is that we aren’t inspired to do these things. We may even think we can’t but the real reason may be that we lack a geniune desire to do it.
History has shown us that to be a great person and a true role model is to have something, anything that inspires us to change the way we live and begin to make it real. Martin luther King Jr. was inspired; he had a dream. Gandhi was inspired to make a change in India. Malala is inspired to educate girls in the Middle East. Coco Chanel was inspired to make fashion for working women. These and many other are examples of people making changes in their lives that impacted the world because they were inspired.
Take a dream, get inspired by it and begin making your dreams come true. If you are inspired there is none that can stop you from fulfilling your new year’s resolutions.
If you want to feel inspired we recommend you these movies:
The Pursuit of Happyness

Billy Elliot
Cast away
The Untouchables
Death poet society
Men of honor



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