Are you happy? You want to be?

When we think about happiness, we tend to think that it is a long journey to finally be there. Others may say “happiness is not a destination but a journey”, “a state of mind”, etc. There are many sayings; most of them pretend to give us an answer but it only lasts for a time. If we all want to be happy, why can’t we be happy?

There are many that say they were happy by doing great things, others just by living, there are many ways to be happy, but how? Mankind tends for happiness, as philosophers say, but nobody knows how. Are we condemned to try to solve this riddle forever? Is it just a mind game?

There are many people that think that a happy life is being comfortable; others say it’s having money; for others it may be a person or food or sports or achievements, etc. There are many many things that hint a piece of a neverending happiness but we all face the same problems: it doesn’t last forever.

How can we be happy? Not momentarily, but really happy. It all depends on us, not in a state of mind or by thinking about it, but by doing things that make us enjoy those things. It is all about doing what we like not because we want pleasure, but because we find ourselves in that moment that we may be forever. It is enjoying life with what we have and not with what we want. It has to do with doing actions that make us achieve happiness but not by making up hypothetical ideas wondering what our lives would be like if we were rich, powerful, famous or anything else we are not at the moment. Those things will come later when we know how to be happy.

To be happy is to know yourself, your needs and what makes you great, what really makes you feel like you are yourself. Those things nobody can tell you but yourself.

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