Trascendence by Mexico

Humankind has longed and yearned for a life well-lived. All we want is to be rembered, to be noticed and, in a way, to live forever. The need to make a change in the world, or to become famous are ways we would like to say that our lives have been worth it. To invent something, to explore, to conquer, anything that can keep our memory in the world so we can live forever.

Egyptian farohs built their pyramids as a way to keep on living through the memory of history and their people. Greek heroes fought their way to become eternal as their gods with great tasks and skills to be remebered. In the Middle-Ages the way to become immortal was through religion or becoming a knight. Renaissance artists searched to remain in the world of the living by painting, building, sculpting and writting so their names wouldn’t be forgotten. Sicientists searched for a way to be in history with their findings, inventions and their philosophy untill nowadays.
No matter the time, humanity has always tried to be un-death, to remain living in history and in the minds of people. That is what we really want in life: to be remebered. Mexican culture explains it in the movie Coco, where people remember their death relatives and in a way they can live forever. The worst thing that can happen there is to be forgotten, and that is what we fear the most.
Death is something that can eliminate our life, but not our spirit. We live on in the minds and memories, history and stories that brings us back from the death every year in the Feast of the Death: November 2nd. Mexicans don’t need to change history, they change hearts and that is why they are remembered with love and affection.

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