Don’t act sorry, say it

Sometimes when we are hurt or we hurt another, we are afraid to ask forgiveness for our mistakes as if that would make us weaker. Therefore, instead of accepting all responsability we act as if nothing happened. That’s what hurts the most; to pretend nothing is going on knowing we did something bad or hurtful to someone we love.

Talking is hard and accepting responsibility and taking the consequences is something that only true heroes do. Accepting your flaws without justifying the situation, your feelings or your busy life, you must be brave enough to face what you did. “Sorry” is one of the hardest words we can ever say, but saying it will only free us from our guilt and restore the confidence and loyalty we lost. It’s a simple word that can change the world around. Saying we are sorry is necessary for things to go on and right again.

We can act as if we are sorry, but without saying the word, things aren’t going to change. To make it right we must speak our mind and accept responsibility. Say it.


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