Do we deserve or earn things?

There is a big difference between earning something and deserving it. The first one refers to something we have worked for and achieved it, like a reward or a punishment. The second one is for being who we are, we get things, because we gather the requirements, like having rights. Although we believe they are similar, they are far from each other. The way in which justice works is to give each person what is rightfully his/hers by earning it or deserving it.

Nowadays, we think we deserve more than we worked for, and so we may protest and argue about what we believe is a right, when in fact we haven’t done enough or anything to receive credit. Let’s imagine a kid that thinks that for everything he does he must get candy. We all do things, getting mad for doing what we were supposed to do to begin with is madness. Also, If we receive a reward, it may not be because we did our job, but because we delivered it with excellence.
Doing a good job is a part of our duties, but having them done great means that we might earn a prize. We must not confuse a job well done with a great job. Think about a hamburguer: we may ask for bread and meat, sometimes with mayonnaise, but would you pay for that? It’s a burger, a very unimpressive burger, but it is in fact a burger. However, would you prefer a burger with some meat, and bacon, and lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc.? Of course! It is still a burger, but this one is better. That is the difference between earning something and deserving it.

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