One and only anywhere, everywhere

People all around us anywhere we go show us a part of their lives: how they dress, act, and think; what they say; what they believe in with what they do. We too do this. Our habits are always showing who we truly are and that implies what our posture in life is. For example: if a person always talks about punctuality or complains about others being late, we can assume he or she is always on time. However, this is not always true; we sometimes realize that what people complain about doesn’t necessarily mean they are an example for it. Well, neither are we.

Whatever we do or say, we send an expectation about ourselves. This is in our daily actions that we think don’t matter that people make up their minds about us. In the rutine we show our habits, who we are regardless of what we say we are. Even people with whom we are barely acquainted can describe us, not only in a physical way, but also for what we “always” do: “Remember Dan, the guy that is always laughing, and wears black…” Those descriptions best fit our image and with them we are identified. Our habits become our identification, no matter where we are and with whom we are, we show ourselves. Let’s hope that what we do  is more good than bad.

Actors tend to have a problem because they act and show us their characters and not themselves. Many fans think they are the same way as we see them on screen, but they are not. This is as if they have a double life, when in fact, they make us believe that they are others because of their roles. We may not be actors but sometimes we may be against what we are by pretending to be others, so people will have a double-standard of us. They see us acting one way but also in another way. “Saw Dan screaming and raging against someone… Not the Dan I know”. We hear expressions like this when people talk about us, apparently he or she is not that nice… It may seem difficult to be coherent, not perfect. But if we believe in something, people tend to expect a behaviour according to it. What shocks us is those actions that contradict who we are.

We need to accept who we are and love it, so whatever happens, people can rely on us because we don’t change.


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