Where is integrity?

In the world we may find people that are simple or practical and some complex or confusing. These two kinds of people we meet are constantly showing us what the world is about; that we can see or think in a clear or dark light.

Nowadays people are more stressed, less motivated and it is harder to enjoy a simple thing because there is always a way to make it impossible. This is because most people aren’t true to themselves. They usually have specific interests they keep focusing on, so they can’t enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

A simple person is what we call: one-of-a-kind as in one piece. We don’t find them fragmented, broken as in saying one thing but doing another entirely differently such as those people who can treat us as friends, but behind our backs they act like our enemies.

Having integrity is knowing our values and honoring them with our actions; a simple person whom we can trust and others can trust us, too. This is about being true to ourselves and no matter how easy or difficult it might be, face things. We can still be faithful to what we really want.


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