Not your body, your life

When we talk about freedom we tend to think that we can do whatever we want with what we have. The main issue here is that freedom is not doing what we want whenever we want, because we can’t. Our body is determined by physics and chemestry; how we react to things we are exposed; our ideas depend on our education by the times we are living; we want to fly but we can’t. We cannot do whatever we want because we are governed by natural laws as gravity, thermodynamics, etc.

But what can we do? If our life is determined by laws, the only thing we can do is to find meaning in what we are able and willing to do it. We can think of and want an infinite number of things but if we are not realistic about what surrounds us, we can’t do anything. Anything.

What we must learn about true freedom is to learn about what is that we want and what we can do to achieve our goal. In addition, we need to respect things by using what they are for and use them wisely by knowing its nature which is the only freedom we can have to be happy.

Think about a car that we buy and knowing what its required services are, we decide to fill it with orange mermelade instead of gas. Will it work? Of course not because the car won’t start. And so our freedom to do anything with the car is limited because the car won’t be able to function. Nature always limits us with things that if we don’t use them for their purpose, then we won’t be free.

It is not our body, we can’t do whatever we want with it, but respect its purpose that is our life. We cannot expect to work like we want if we don’t care for ourselves. Our body is part of our life; we must cherish it.


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