Nerve is not passion

There are people that love to risk everything and others that prefere to play safe. That is what we call introverted and extroverted people. Some have nerves of steel which helps them to be foolish and have fun with adrenaline, but others are always afraid and never step out of their comfort zone.

If a game tested you to know about yourself, would you be willing to risk it all?  A game where there were spectators in anonimity so they could manipulate the players and have a satifying entertainment? Would it be worth it? A game in which people’s lives were at risk, where people got harrased to do the impossible, achieve the inmoral so they could be famous.

There is no fun in things that make us do things we aren’t prepared to face or to have a standard.

The movie Nerve shows us where games can take us for money. It is a situation where we can willingly do stupid and crazy things to win easy money but losing more: ourselves. TV shows get higher ratings when people dare to do things they are afraid or to do stupid things fearlessly, but is it worth it?


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