What you think may be wrong

Every person is intrested in many topics. Sometimes we think we are right to conclude or assume that whatever is happening adds to our ideas. But when we are in a meeting or talking to a group of people and we say what we think, people may get angry, feel missjudged or find that our ideas are wrong. That is, what we are saying might not be entirely true because we might be seeing the issue with a narrow sight and we leave behind some things that may be relevant to others. For example: talking about gun control, security, poverty, vultures may have a proper point of view according to our needs, interest and advantage.

The problem is not in them nor us, but the lack of information or empathy towards a certain topic. It is not intolerance nor radicalism, it is a point of view and as such we can’t expect to be absolutely right. It is just an opinion.

To have the right to express ourselves doesn’t mean we are always right, we have a point but so do others. To share is good but we must keep an open mind to listen to what others can say. We must accept that we may be wrong or mislead to think a certain way but also we need to be opened to discuss and hear what others say to learn. If we are wrong, we just learned something else, if we are right then we learned of another point of view.

Discussions may seem like being at war, but it is a learning point to grow, understand and become empathic to what others need to say, with that attitude we ressemble scientists. Don’t expect others to accept our ideas, but to learn from them to start on the same page: searching for what unite us.



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