When ignorance becomes the guide

At certain stages in life we face problems, situations or perhaps an accident that threaten our lives. To decide who lives and dies is a natural decision of “the strongest”. Nowadays we face new technologies that make our lives better, save us from inminent death or make our lives easier. 
We have known Charlie Gard’s problem, where technology cheats death. We’ve seen miracles in everyday medicine that are being reproduced by the doctor’s skills and wonderful machines that help us prevent sickness, treatments that allow us to survive and be plentiful. 

Medicine has been there for centuries helping us battle sickness, it is a profession that requires a lifestyle. Not everyone can be a doctor; there are medical terms not known to the rest of the population. 

And the main problem is that people become scared of the terms without asking for the meanings or googling thm and finding out another thing. Misinformation has taken us to decide things we are not sure or we ignore and we depend on who knows them. 

When we talk about suffering, we musn’t forget that it is something inside the person that cannot be meassured nor taken as a deadly symptom. Doctors have the duty to cure and aliviate pain, not to take away suffering. Charlie’s suffering is not the question, nor does it allow the State to kill the patient. Furthermore, if there is nothing else to do, than accompanying the child through the last phases of his disease, making an extraordinary effort to keep him alive will affect him even more. 


2 Replies to “When ignorance becomes the guide”

  1. Ayudar a las personas en busca de su mejoría y su bien propio es algo que todos debemos de hacer, sin importar la religion, sexo o cualquier otra diferencia cultural que pueda tener. La diferencia es que existen veces en las que ya no se puede hacer nada más para ayudarlo a salir adelante en su malestar, pero si pueden hacer que tenga unos días o meses más de convivencia con su familia que es algo que cuenta mucho. A nadie se le niega la vida debido a que éticamente es algo malo y que todos debemos de reprimir pero el hecho que te ayuden a que esté con nosotros un poco más, compartiendo su vida, éticamente debemos de verlo como bueno.


  2. I agree with this post, because I think the parents wasted a lot of valuable time with their son, fighting for something they weren`t even sure it was going to work, we saw in class that there are three types of good; ontologic, tecnic, pleasurable, and moral. For me the parents went with the tecnical good, this type is the means to reach a goal or an end, for example the parents thought that they were doing good by fighting for a cure for an incurable disease, but the end result was death, and lost of time.


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