Imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt as if you aren’t worth it? That everything you have and done is because of luck? That you aren’t enough? If the answer is YES, perhaps you have the imposter syndrome. But, what is it? it is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. (Wikipedia)

It is a constant thought that makes us be afraid of doing whatever we are good at as we don’t realize our true potential and therfore it sabotages our actions. It is like we aren’t aware of our own capacities to succeed.

When we work in ourselves and we become experts in our field it is common to show it. Our good things are visible to others, there is no need to express them, nor the bad things. There is a reason why we have a job, a family and everything else we have worked for.

Imagine that someone super powerful comes and tells us that we have been selected among millions to make an enterprise. Can you imagine it? It’s you. The One. But the only problem is that you think you aren’t worth it. You doubt yourself, even though you are prepared for it and this is what you’ve always wanted. You think you are not worth it.

1. Aspire to greatness not perfection. When we think we are not good enough we tend to compare us to a perfect version of ourselves. When we let go of that perfect image and accept that we can do our best, we can be great.

2. You have a history of success, accept it. Accept that you have done it before. Not by chance, but by hard work. You are right here and now because you have worked for it. Don’t give it away to another person.

3. Stop making everything about you. When you focus on yourself you lose the ability to make a change for others. People have appreciated your work before because you did the best you could. Stop seeing yourself in this. Focus on others: how would this make society better? Would it help others? Don’t be selfish.

4. Start taking the credit. Be realistic in what you have done, right or wrong, you did it. When you realize that the mockery and applause helps you realize that you are good and bad, take your part and own it. Stop giving it to others. If you did it, you deserve it.

5. You are unique. Don’t expect to be like others. You are you and you can’t be another person. Trust yourself. All your life you’ve been showing the world what you can do. Why stop? Great minds don’t waste time comparing themselves to others. They use time to help others; be humble. No one else can do the things you do; enjoy yourself.

6. Don’t be afraid of NO. When we think too much about ourselves we are afraid of being taken in a selfish or bad way. So when someone says NO we feel bad about it, like they are rejecting us, instead of seeing the rejection of our action. People tend to abuse others when there are no limits. A NO is a limit to stop abuse. Try to receive NOs so you can become used to it. Go to a drugstore and ask for an axe; it is ridiculous, but you will find that there is no shame in asking for things. Do it until you are used to the NO.

7.  Recognize the Impostor Syndrome. Observe yourself when someone gives you a compliment if the IS comes to your mind. Say thanks and carry on.

9. Learn to fail. When we fail, it is a chance to make the right thing later. Stop thinking about your mistakes, but instead think of the opportunity to make it better. If we were playing basketball and I score 9 times out of 10, and you score 1 out of 10, the last chance, who will enjoy their thriumph? Who will become depressed? When we think we are good at somethign because we don’t fail, that doesn’t mean we like it. But when we like it, no matter how much we fail we are able to get up and do it all over again.

10. Just do it. Yes, like Nike’s logo. Do the things you want because you are passionate about them. When people are passionate about something, they are able to do great things. If you have passion don’t prive the world from it.

All this can be reduce to the fear we have to fail in live. How can we know if we are a failure if we haven’t tried it?


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