Be young

Being young is one of the most precious treasures we can have in life: to be able to make mistakes, learn and be hungry for the world. The akward stage of our existance allowed us to grow up, to know other people and experience new things.  It gave us that crave to make a change, to stand out by doing something we like, and also to be admired, recognized and taken seriously.
All those things youth has we must never forget to make a life worth living. All the adventures, dreams, projects and needs at that time were our nourishment for what makes the world spin.
Now children are afraid to dream because they fear failure; they use their energy on things that keep them from being realistic; the think they deserve the world without owning it; they have excuses to avoid doing the impossible; and they confuse love with likes and fame. Let’s teach them to be young with our youth.
How to remain young:
  • Energy: We own the world
  • Dream: Everything is possible
  • Love

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