Do for others what you want them to do for you

Most people complain about the lack of education or about the fact that there is no sense of sensitivity when it comes to treating others. The young don’t pay attention to other members of society; they are so selfish that they can’t even see outside of them.
If we eliminate civics and humanities from education programs, we cannot be able to be better as a society, we can progress in material things, but improving? Only by educating in arts are we able to expand our horizons and lead by example.
If we are wating for others to help us, to be nice or to be there for us, no one will do it. If we don’t show them how to do it, they won’t.
We need to show our values without fear of what they will say of us; show them how much you care for others with actions. If you want respect, then respect them first. Want to be tolerated? Tolerate them. Need to be listened to? Listen. Want to have an opportunity? Give them. Love? Love them first so they can love. Lets act according to our wants and needs so that the world knows how to treat us.

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