Be simple

When we talk about knowledge we think we need to have lots of evidence to prove ours, even if they don’t see our workplace or our house, we can. A philosophical way of living is the cynics whom left all prejudices society has and to live simply with what we have to be happy.
Life can display a lot of goods and needs we think we have, but when we think about what we really need, we realize that 80% of those things are a luxury. Do we really need the ultimate cellphone? And video game? 3 watches?
When we simplify our existance, we can take things for what they are instead of suffering for the next big thing. Marketing isn’t to blame, it is us with our lack of control that keep on feeding the need for acceptance.
Stop acting like you need everything, begin to like what you love. Instead of focusing on what you need, focus on loving what you have; be clear with yourself and simplify your existance; detach from what keeps you from being happy; don’t feed on criticism; and nourish yourself with your happiness.
If we are true to ourselves then we can choose how, why and with whom to live our life. Make the right choice by being simple, be realistic and true to what you are and can do.

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