Trust yourself

Nowadays we are seeing too many posts everywhere that hint us to follow someone or believe in “a new way science” that has discovered a new way to do things or to make your mind about something specific. We are being attacked with information that makes us change the way we see life, problems and situations around the world and ourselves.
This influencers have taken us to another level that keeps on finding new ways to proove they are right so you can join them. Maybe we are all trying to share a good message and every 5 seconds we have a new method, idea or philosophy that contradicts the previous one. But what to believe? Who to follow? The problem is not the information we have, but the contradictory information one site has. If you see many pages talk about body-shaming or against discrimination but the next article goes “lose weight and find your beauty”, or women are the next big thing #women power but the next news we get is “be a goddess in bed”. So which is it?
All this information that we receive must be filtered and the only person that can do that is YOU. We are capable to discriminate the information we read and what we like; the steps are easy:
1. Read and question why you liked or didn’t like it.
2. Is it helpful?
3. Does it make you a better person?
4. Share it to make a change in someone you think will like it.
Be aware of what you publish, it may go viral but not for the right reasons.

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