Poverty leads to simplification

When we talk about poverty we think about people living in such a state that there is no growth; there is hunger, cold and injustice. In fact, poverty is a concept that implies that we live with only the most fundamental to live.
Minimalism is a way of living with the basic; that is what poverty means; to let go of everything that keeps us from what is meaningful to our lives. With poverty we are able to simplify our lives. We can be honest to us and others to distinguish the truth.
Consummism can be an obstacle to find happiness because it enslaves us to what doesn’t fulfill us.
Learn to be poor, to live with what you really need; stop controlling everything that happens in advance; live and let live; live a meaningful life; be authentic to have means to an end; stop wasting time.
To be poor:
  • Don’t own things, take care of what we have with the idea that it will perish. Be realistic with what you have.
  • Don’t have superfluous things. Live with what you need to live without gathering things. When something comes in, something must come out. Clean spaces, clean minds.
  • What we have is what we need to be happy. If you have something that doesn’t make you happy, then you must let it go.
  • Donate to someone that needs it more than us. It helps build better societies.
We must be concious of what we have and what we want. Get rid of what troubles or stands in our way to be happy. To be free is to be away of what makes us slaves: people, things, and aideas. Live without attachments, be simple. Life is about moments lived and not things you have.

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