Progress in art

When art is born is the beginning of the civilized man. It is the practice out of work and the beginning of contemplation of the beauty in the world. In the modern world, art has become a way of expression that surrounds us. Only a few are touched by the muses and are able to achieve beauty. It is not an ordinary trait in society, but we can reach it if we educate in beauty, as Plato and Aristotle said.
There is a universal concept of what art and culture are. Taste and principles are subjective; to one person something may be beautiful, but not to another; it also depends on the culture they are from. Art is something we agree to disagree, there is no universal idea of what art is in the modern world, and so is tradition. We value and judge things from our values and ideas of culture, especially beauty: for the Islamic culture the values of women are different from those of the west. While in Mexico it is considered a great honor to pay homage to the flag, in the USA they wear the flag in their underwear as homage. Even though we live in a globalized world, there is no way to compare the different ideas, culture and art, or to judge each culture.
As Dawson says: “for Art, in the widest sense of the word, is the great bridge which crosses the gulf of mutual incomprehension that separates cultures. To understand the art of a society is to understand the vital activity of that society in its most intimate and creative moments.”
Although we are different, what unites us all is the constant search for beauty, in every form that it may come because with art, mankind opens to a broader dimension; it takes us to a transcendental thought. Beauty is what makes us long for something unknown, but at the same time elevates us to a certainty that is fulfilling. Listening to music, seeing a painting is what takes us to the sublime, to majestic scenarios.

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