Passive resistances

A ‘passive resistance’ conveys the idea of the Suffragette Movement that believes in the Truth. Truth always triumphs, and with this purpose they held on to it. They put up with all the suffering by being persistent; with the conviction that Truth is not a choice, it’s a fact even when they feared death. In the defense of Truth, prison was a palace to them and its doors the gateway to freedom.
The Polish Suffragette movement was not a physical force against Communism but it was done through love. Poland suffered two severe blows in May 1981, when Cardinal Wyszynski died; and an attempt to assassinate the Pope. For twenty-five years, the Head of the Polish Church had exercised enormous influence in national life. He had been the advocate between the rulers and the ruled.
The passive resistance in a way allows us to express ourselves against oppresion, but first we need to know what we are fighting for and if it is actually happening. As the Polish fought for their rights in a loving way, we need to star to express ourselves without violence.
When the Truth is spoken, there is no need to fight for a reality. If we are able to see it, then with kind words we will be able to change a lie to what is real. There is no need to shout, nor insult others to show our point; if it is true, then it will be shown.

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