Dreamers don’t hope

After all we’ve been through and the way the world is turning, we tend to lose hope. Wars, corruption, ideologies that keep on showing us that we may be on the wrong side of the battle.
When we see what is happening all around us, there is danger to lose all hope, to stop trying to do good, to cease the fight to defend ourselves and our rights, not to fight for what is good or right, nor to keep the faith in humanity.
You may think that it is easy to talk at a distance, not knowing what others may suffer. However, that idea is far from reality; the impotence we have and the need to help you is a kind of suffering we bear: to see you fight for what is right and suffer. At least these writtings may bring you comfort and strenghth to keep on going knowing that someone at the other side of the world cares.
Tha is why dreamers don’t hope, they imagine another reality. Hopes let us change the world right here and now.

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