Welcome back!

To the 80 girls that have been released from captivity in the hands of extremist muslims, we want to say that we’ve never forgotten you. You were in our minds and in our hearts while trying to figure out what we could do; the only thing we could do was pray for you to see the love, and cherish your lives. We want you to know that after all you’ve been through, you have become an example to us for having fought for your life, for staying alive, for hoping that all evil shall pass and for proving to us that there is no way that any violent crime will take the peace you have within. You have prevailed adversity, you have shown us that travelling together you can go far instead of fast in life. We welcome you not as girls who have been victimized, but as women in charge of prevailing against all odds. You are now the future, as you guarded your life, guard ours with your influence. Fight back with words, with wisdom.

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