What education?

People all over the world are saying that education is key to make a difference, but what education? Governments are responsible for it. The main issue here is, what are we doing with the right education? We are becoming experts in exact sciences and less concerned with humanities.

Being successful has become a way to manipulate people, to cheat the audiences and to have what it takes at all costs. There is no sense of honour, nor the strenghth to grow up. We are now afraid of what it may happen if we fail, if our own life isn’t succesful as popularity demands. We are filling our heads with knowledge that doesn’t work for living a happy life. We think we are on a journey to being rich, successful, that it is only temporary, that by magic or chance we will catch our next break; eventually, someone will recognize our talents and change our lives.
Well all this may come true if we devote ourselves right here and now to what we believe and then we may be aknowledged by others. In the mean time, we just need to make an effort to live our happy life with what we have. Expect something when you have worked for it.

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